Social Justice

Catalyst Social Justice Experience
Catalyst Social Justice Experience
Catalyst Social Justice Experience

When: February 19-21, 2021
Where: D’Arcy Great Room on Campus (Sunday we will be going downtown and back)

Join us for a weekend immersion in Chicago to see poverty more vividly, feel poverty more intensely, and understand poverty’s causes more fully. During the weekend, you will visit shelters and soup kitchens, tour neighborhoods, and hear the stories of men and women who experience homelessness and extreme poverty on a daily basis. By encountering God in these people and places, you will discover what it means to live out your faith and be a “Catalyst” for peace and justice in the world.

Catalyst Student Leadership Team

The Catalyst Student Leadership Team dedicates the fall semester to becoming a tight-knit community who, inspired by their faith, seeks to educate other students on campus about the importance of working for social justice. The leadership team accomplishes this by participating in service + justice projects, learning about current world issues, and engaging in prayerful reflection. In January, the team leads the Catalyst Retreat.

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