Resources for Families & Friends

Lewis University has partnered with EverFi as part of our strategy to promote healthy behaviors and prevent sexual assault and relationship violence. As such, as part of the Introduction to the College Experience course, first year students are asked to complete Haven – Understanding Sexual Assault, an online learning program designed to engage and empower students to create safe, healthy college communities.  Built in collaboration with leading researchers and prevention professionals, Haven helps reinforce healthy attitudes and behaviors and prepares students to identify and respond to unhealthy or risky situations during their college experience and beyond.

Haven’s Parent Resources Website was created to help you understand what your student will be experiencing in the Haven course. There are also several resources for you to learn more about these issues and be prepared to engage your student in thoughtful conversation. It’s important to remember that even if your student has not experienced these issues, they will very likely know someone who has and may have the opportunity to be an “active bystander” in order to assist their friends or peers.

During the transition to college, parents and caregivers can play a crucial role in continuing to make a positive impact on their student’s health and well-being.  Please check out these resources to help you do so.

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