Meet the Staff

Michael Fekete

Michael J. Fekete
Director of International Students Services
(815) 836-5549

Michael is excited to be at Lewis, himself a product of a Lasallian high school education in his hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

He has been involved in international education for over 21 years. He is thankful for his training at the internationally-diverse University of Pittsburgh in both international education exchange and study abroad. He draws from his multiple experiences in student affairs, immigration and academic advising from Pennsylvania State University, School for International Training, The Institute for the International Education of Students (IES), Kaplan Inc., and Moraine Valley Community College here in Chicago.

An international student himself in Hungary and Scotland, Michael has traveled the world, assisting with recruitment for Lewis University in Asia.

His academic background includes studies in Rhetoric and East European history at the University of Pittsburgh, specialization in conflict resolution at the University of Glasgow's Institute for Russian and East European Studies and completion of Master's degree coursework in Educational Exchange at the School for International Training.  He has integrated his time over the last 10 years in the areas of service and ministry while earning graduate certificate's in pastoral studies from St. Xavier University, Lay Ecclesial Ministry from the University of St. Mary/Mundelein Seminary, further study of Lewis' founder through the Lasallian Leadership Institute and a Master's in Pastoral Studies from Catholic Theological Union, Chicago, the largest graduate school of ministry in the world. He was ordained to the Permanent Diaconate in June 2016. He presently is involved with Catholic Relief Services (CRS) University Ambassador Program on campus focusing on social justice issues and interfaith initiatives while serving the Church as a CRS Global Fellow.

He presently lives on the southwest side of Chicago and enjoys spending his time as a “foodie” and traveling with wife Mary Jo and watching his son Justin grow as he journey’s academically and personally as a student at the University of Pittsburgh.

Lashonda Monique Clarke
President of ISA

Reece Parag Bhave

Reece Parag Bhave
Vice President of ISA

My name is Reece Parag Bhave, and I’m an Indian (born in Mumbai, India) who grew up in Johannesburg, South Africa, finished my last 2 years of high school in Bahrain. I’m currently a sophomore student, double majoring in Aviation Maintenance Management and Aviation and Aerospace Technology, as well as studying to get my FAA Private Pilot’s License. By virtue of being an International student as well as experiencing so many different cultures and people from across the world, I was elected as the International Student Senator, in order to represent the growing and diverse populous of international students at Lewis.

Along with having the opportunity of living in different countries in the world, I’ve also had the opportunity of being a national swimmer for both South Africa and Bahrain. I’m sadly not continuing my swimming at Lewis due to time constraint with my studies, but I hope that I’ll have the chance of doing so in the future!
I’m currently a Student Worker at the International Student Services (ISS) Office, where I look forward to helping out our international student with any issues they might encounter during their time at Lewis! The feeling of being away from home can be quite overwhelming for many new students, and at the ISS, we try our best in order to make sure that all our students feel comfortable and right at home here on campus! As a whole, Lewis University has been nothing short of a second home for me, and I’m really grateful for receiving the opportunity (thanks to my Parents!) to study here.

To all the current international students, and any prospective ones that are reading this, I look forward to meeting you all and helping out in any way possible. Have a great semester!

I’m really glad I can work in the International Student Service Office and help the students here. I hope my experience in the United States and Lewis University can help students who need help!

Mohamad Ali Hamada

Mohamad Ali Hamada
Student Employee

My name is Ali Hamada and I am from Aleppo, Syria. I studied one year architecture in my hometown but did not get a degree. I moved then to Istanbul, Turkey on the late 2014 and lived there for almost two years. I worked different types of jobs in Istanbul but mainly in tourism, where I got the chance to meet people from all over the world and I loved and learned a lot from this experience. In summer 2016 I arrived to the U.S started studying psychology at Lewis University. I also work at the international Student Services Office as a student worker where I still maintain my hobby to meet different people from different backgrounds.

Studying and working at Lewis University is one of the best experiences for me so far. I enjoy being me here as an international student from a very different background. I learn a lot from the people around me because they have different perspectives than mine and this makes my education and work even more interesting.

Tzu-Ting Huang

Tzu-Ting Huang
Graduate Assistant

Call me Sarah if you would like to. I’m from Taiwan. I did electrical engineering for my Bachelor in China, and now I’m studying MBA in IT management since fall 2016.

Before coming to Lewis University, I was in Portland, Oregon. Portland is such a relaxing city, and I love that. When I came to Lewis, I have found that Lewis is just like Portland, relaxing and beautiful. People are friendly here and willing to help you. There is one more thing I like about this campus: It’s so natural. You can see some kinds of unharmful animals around the trial in the back of the school, such as deer. Isn’t it lovely?

While I’m studying here, I have met lots of academic difficulties. Luckily, our professors are so helpful. They helped me with everything I have asked for. “We are here to help you. This is the reason we are here!” said one of my professors. I just feel we are the family!

I’m really glad I can work in the International Student Service Office and help the students here. I hope my experience in the United States and Lewis University can help students who need help!

Enkhsaruul Davaanyam

Enkhsaruul Davaanyam
Student Employee

My name is Enkhsaruul Davaanyam, Enzo for short.

I was born in Mongolia, Ulan-Bator, where I studied in a private Russian school from preschool till freshman year of junior high.

Later on my family and I moved to Hong Kong, where I spent my Sophomore year on Tung Chung island.

Then, finally, I flew to the US of A, the land of opportunities, where I became a “Red Devil” at Hinsdale Central, my best years of high school (Jr.,Sr.).

After graduating from an American public school, I had a chance to go to college (which makes me the first one from my family).

So, here I am, a proud “Flyer” at Lewis University. Currently a sophomore, working hard towards my Bachelors here at Lewis. Majoring in Aviation Flight Management with a dream to become an Airline Pilot and accomplish greatness like Captain Sully.

G.E. Moore, a great philosopher writes, “the pleasure of human intercourse, is one of the most valuable things we know or can imagine.” By this he meant existence of friendship and the pleasures it brings, makes the world better. And that is my experience here at Lewis University in a nutshell. Whether you’re from the other side of the globe or fell from the sky, just know that everyone is welcome here at the University to become a “Flyer”.

Felix Thomasson

Félix Thomasson
Student Employee

My name is Félix THOMASSON and I am an exchange student from Marly le Roi in France.

I will be working at the international student service during this fall semester since I am part of an exchange program between Lewis and Unilasalle, a French Lasallian university.

I have studied agronomy, nutrition and ecology in France and I am currently Junior in environmental science at Lewis and member of the sustainability club! I have been working as a science teacher back home and I know how it feels to face some difficulties at school. I know that some people can feel lost when studying in another country since studying at Lewis is my first big international experience (I am already missing baguettes and French cheese), that’s why I will also always be present for any student who desire to talk about any problem they can encounter with his/her international experience!

I am a big fan of cinema and I practice fighting sport (wing chun) and a little bit of fitness and cooking. Because quality relationships are one of the most powerful sources of happiness in our modern society, friendship is the major ingredient of the recipe of a successful and unforgettable experience at Lewis.

I am more than happy to be in a university which welcomes so many students from all around the world and if you have any problem, question or even if you just want to talk, you are welcome at the ISS office!

Designated School Officials: Assist in Signing of I-20AB for Travel and Basic F-1 Advisement

Tyler King
Director of International Recruitment

Dr. Leslie Jacobson
Director, Graduate Admission.

Christopher Swanson
Director Study Abroad


Ashley Skidmore
Dean of Undergraduate Admission