Registering for Classes

Students at Lewis register for classes through the Office of the Registrar.  The Registrar’s Office is located on the main floor of the Learning Resource Center (LRC). 

The first step in the registraras office is to meet with your academic advisor.  You can find your academic advisor in your academic department office.  If you have not declared a major, then you should go to the Center for Academic Success & Enrichment Office. 

After you and your advisor select your classes, you have two choices.  You can register on line or go to the registrars office and register in person.  When you register on line you will be asked to set up a password.  You get your password from your academic advisor.  If you are registering in person, you have to register on the dates specified for you to register.  This is based on your academic rank (i.e. freshman, sophomore, etc and also based on your social security number.  You should take the completed registration form with your advisors signature,  which you will take to the Registrar’s office to officially register.  Once you have completed registration, you may go to the Business Office to pay your tuition and other fees. 

The Registrar's Office will also assist you with adding or dropping a course (there is a fee charged for this after the first week of school), and other concerns related to your transcript.

Additional instructions about on-line registration are given in the Course Schedule booklet, "Online Registration Instructions for Current Students.

Business Office

The Business Office is located on the main floor of the LRC.  The Business Office is the place for paying your university bill, making payment plan arrangements (after you have attended Lewis for one semester), picking up your student employee check if you work on-campus, and cashing your payroll check if it is $50.00 or less. 

Financial Aid Office

Financial Aid is located on the main floor of the Learning Resource Center (LRC).  If you plan to work on-campus, you will need to see the Assistant Director.  International students are permitted to work part-time on campus for a maximum of 20 hours per week.  There is an initial six-week waiting period for all part-time employees.  You will be required to attend mandatory training provided by the Student Employment Office before you can start your on-campus job. 

Financial Aid in the form of scholarships, loans, etc. from U.S. government sources is available only for U.S. citizens and Resident Aliens.  There are some limited private sources for international students.  You may identify the types of financial aid available on the Lewis Financial Aid web site.  Please also check the bulletin board outside the Financial Aid Office for announcements about these financial aid offerings. 

Finally, you may find many sources of information about financial aid for international students at the NAFSA Financial Aid web site at  It will lead you to several other informative web sites.

Note:  Please notify the Office of International Student Services if you are seeking a job to insure that you are in compliance with all Immigration and Naturalization regulations.

Center for Academic Success & Enrichment

The Center for Academic Success & Enrichment is located in the Academic Building across from the Dining Hall.  The center has many resources to assist you, including a Computer Lab, Career Services, Academic Advising (for students who have not declared a major), Tutoring Services, a Writing Lab and the Office of International Student Services.  Learn about the variety of services, educational software available in the Computer Lab, and other information at the Lewis Center for Academic Success & Enrichment web site.

The Lewis University Student Assistance Line (LSAL)

A special service, sponsored by CAPS, is the Lewis University Student Assistance Line (LSAL).  If you have a question about what Lewis office to go to, what Lewis person can help you, or any other question about Lewis University contact, locations, or information, you may call 836-LSAL (836-5725) or email  You must leave your name, address, and phone number.  You will receive an answer within 36 hours.

Career Services

Career Services Counselors can assist students in identifying their skills, interests, and goals.  The counselors provide guidance in choosing a major, writing a resume, and developing job interview skills.  The Career Library has information on graduate school and their requirements, as well as what it is like to be in a particular career - what kind of work is involved, what kinds of organizations employ such a person, salary ranges, etc.

Whether you return to your country to work after graduation or work in another country, a few visits to Career Services during your studies will be valuable.