Reduced Course Load Form (RCL)

This form must be approved by the ISGSS Director/PDSO through SEVIS before you can drop to a less than full-time load. Students failing to request & obtain advance approval of a reduced course load will be considered "“out of status” by the USCIS.


  • Undergraduates: End of the first week of semester
  • Graduates: End of the first week of the 2nd session


  1. The student completes section 1 of the RCL form.
    1. For final semester RCL, students should apply for graduation first. Contact registrar@lewisu.edu for additional information about the graduation application process and deadline.
  2. The student submits completed section 1 of RCL form to academic advisor for review.
  3. The academic advisor will submit the RCL form to ISGSS for final review and approval.
  4. Final review will be done by the ISGSS office. We will send an updated I-20 to the student within 5 working days after receiving the completed RCL form.
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