Program Extension Form

An international student in F-1 status must always maintain accurate academic information in their SEVIS record and on their Form I-20. If you find that you will not complete your academic program requirements by the end date listed on your I-20, you must request a program extension with the Office of International Students and Global Scholars Services.

See sample below, highlighted in yellow, on where to check the program end date on your I-20:

Smaple F-1


  1. At least 2-3 weeks before the program completion date stated on the student’s most recent form I-20.

Eligibility for program extension

  1. The delay was caused by documented academic or medical circumstances.
  2. You have sufficient financial resources to fund your studies and living expenses.
  3. The extension is requested in a timely manner, with sufficient time for processing before the current document expiration.

The following are not valid reasons for I-20 extensions

  1. To enroll in extra courses or repeat the same course for personal interest or to improve GPA requirements.
  2. To engage in additional or optional research on or off‐campus.
  3. To finish pending coursework for an incomplete grade.
  4. To engage in non‐required Curricular Practical Training (CPT) or Academic Training (AT).
  5. To enroll in course work delayed by participation in non‐required CPT/AT.
  6. Personal preference or personal reasons.


  1. The student should complete section 1 of the form and must have their academic advisor sign and complete section 2.
  2. The student should fill out a financial affidavit of support form linked below.
  3. The student should provide a most recent bank statement. The bank statement should cover the minimum tuition amount required for the extension request.
  4. Final review will be done by the ISGSS office. We will send an updated I-20 to the student within 5 working days after receiving the completed program extension form.


  1. Most recent/ updated form I-20 copy
  2. Completed program extension form
  3. Bank statement
  4. Financial affidavit of support form

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