Returning Student Housing Selection

Room selection Fall 24

During the Spring semester, All currently registered students will have the opportunity to apply for and select their housing for the upcoming academic year. Housing Selection for the 2024-2025 academic year begins Monday, March 18, 2024.

All current resident students will need to partake in Housing Week as they can no longer automatically reserve their current assignment.  

Housing Selection Timeline

  • Monday, March 18th: Current Resident students who are Graduate/ Rising Seniors (90+ credits earned)
  • Tuesday, March 19th: Current Resident Students who are Rising Juniors (59+ credits earned)
  • Wednesday, March 20th: Current Resident Students who are Rising Sophomores (29+ credits earned)
  • Thursday, March 21st– Friday, March 29th: All currently enrolled students may choose a space on campus.
  • March 30th: Online Application process for housing assignments will close. Currently, registered students who complete a housing application after March 30th will be assigned a housing space by Residence Life staff.

On-time process (applications completed between March 18-March 29) = Students search for and then choose open spaces on campus through the online StarRez application via their MyLewis portal.  Late process (applications completed after March 30) = Students complete the online application and preferences and the Residence Life staff will assign room assignment.

The Office of Residence Life encourages students to take advantage of the Roommate Selection page of the housing application to create roommate groups. This option allows residents to select who they want to live with and assign a group leader who will place all members of the roommate group at the same time, assisting with securing a housing space altogether!

If you wish to live in a double-occupancy room, we recommend you create a roommate group with your desired roommate before housing selection. For example, an individual student will not be able to place themselves in a double-occupancy bedroom; a roommate group of two students will not be able to select a triple-occupancy bedroom, etc. This process would allow a current student who is not a current resident to apply before March 25th.  It would also allow individuals to “pull” a roommate or section mate who is below the current credit hour limit (Rising Senior “pulls” rising sophomore into a suite with the group.)



An opportunity for current Lewis University students (Resident and Commuter) to choose the specific room they want to live in for the 2024-2025 academic year. Students will be able to secure a space and sign a Housing Agreement through our online StarRez Housing Portal.



  • Current on-campus student or
  • Any full-time student (12 hours for undergrad and 9 for graduate) and
  • Will be a rising Sophomore, Junior or Senior for the 2024 - 2025 academic year
    • Must be currently enrolled in Spring 24 in order to apply.

Graduating Students - Those graduating upon the completion of Fall 2024 semester can still participate in Housing Selection.  The Office of Residence Life will release graduating students from the Spring portion of their housing assignment, given that they are not registered for any Spring 2025 classes and are moved out by the end of the Fall semester. We only ask that you notify our office towards the end of the Fall semester and complete a housing cancellation form, so we are aware of your future departure.

Spring 2025 Study Abroad Students - Same as graduating students. The Office of Residence Life will release you from this portion of your housing assignment, given that you have been officially accepted into the program, are not registered for any Spring 2025 classes (other than the program itself), and are moved out by the end of the Fall semester.

Students will be required to complete a Housing Cancellation Form by the deadline communicated in the Fall to avoid charges.

Students Currently Studying Abroad - If you are a Lewis University student currently studying abroad, and will be back in the Fall to continue your degree, you are eligible to participate in Housing Selection.


The entire process will be completed online. Your participation date will depend on your total completed credit hours.

Step One - Housing Application and Solidifying Roommate Groups (Optional)

  • Current students who submit the Housing Application and are interested in rooming with current students can create a roommate group in the housing portal.
  • Please know that they will only be searchable if the person(s) you are interested in rooming with is also a current student who submits a housing application.
  • Only current students can select other current students who submit the housing application.

 Step Two - Roommate Group Selection (optional)

  • The roommate group leader will select the entire group’s building and spaces. Once the group is assigned a room, each member will need to sign in to the housing portal to complete their Housing Agreement and select their meal plan.
  • Please communicate amongst one another when your group leader assigns each member's space.

Step Three – Graduate Students/ Rising Seniors, Juniors, and Sophomores

  • Housing Selection will be open to current students based on credits earned.
  • Housing selection for our students takes place in seniority order.
    • Graduate Students/Rising Seniors, then Rising Juniors, then Rising Sophomores

 Step Four - Open to all

  • Current residents who submitted a Housing Application and have not yet selected a space will have the opportunity to select a space.
    • Room types and buildings are based on availability.
  • The last day for Housing Selection is Friday, March 29th. After this date, students who have not selected a room, will be assigned by the Residence Life staff.


Please be advised, that all submitted housing agreements are binding and hold you financially accountable to your contract terms for the academic year. Please do not submit a housing agreement if you intend to use on-campus housing as a backup plan, or if you're unsure about living on campus.

It is strongly recommended that you make plans to ensure that you can make this financial commitment before signing your future housing contract. Do not complete a housing contract if you aren't sure what your financial situation will be in Fall.


Please refer to the Upperclassmen & Graduate Residence Halls page on our website for detailed information about each residence hall.

STUDENTS WITH Approved Accommodations

If you require special room accommodations due to an ADA recognized disability, please contact Academic Services at 815-836-5593 or

These accommodations may include (but are not limited to):

  • Attention-Deficit/Hyperactive Disorder
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Communication Disorders
  • Psychological Disabilities
  • Deafness/Hard-of-Hearing
  • Blindness/Visual Impairment
  • Other Health or Physical Impairment

For additional accommodations, please visit Disability Support Services.


Roommate group requests will vary depending on each person’s housing and/or student status.

  • Before Housing Selection begins applicants will be able to form a roommate group in the housing portal.
    • No more than 6 per group
      • (The majority of sections in Pope, Mother Teresa, Dorothy Day, and North Halls house 6 residents. There are very limited spaces in those buildings that house fewer residents).
    • A group must be full to secure a suite
      • 6 people = 6 beds
        • If less, you cannot choose the space.
      • 4 people = 4 beds (double rooms must fill first)
    • Roommate group requests are made in the portal.
    • Current students can only search for other current students in the housing portal.
      • This means current students cannot request new and incoming students as roommates.
      • To be searchable, you must submit your housing application.
      • You must have the display in the roommate search box checked on the roommate profile page.
  • Roommate groups should have conversations on specific building, room types, and budgets for the next academic year.
  • All roommate groups will need to be confirmed and finalized in the housing portal before a roommate group leader can place all group members
  • The availability of spaces will change frequently, as all vacant spaces will be an available option for other inquiring students.
    • The availability of spaces can change at any time during Housing Selection.
    • Any vacant spaces will be assigned to regular applicants throughout the spring and summer.


The prices posted reflect the rates that have been approved for the 2024-2025 academic year.

Room & Board Rates

For financial planning purposes, contact the Office of the Bursar and Financial Aid.


All resident students are required to participate in one of the meal plans. The University offers 3 meal plans, each with a different level of participation. Students indicate their desired meal plan during the housing application/selection process on the StarRez Housing Portal.

All meal plans function as certain amount of meal swipes and Flyer dollars per semester. Flyer dollar balances carry over from Fall semesters into Spring semesters, while meal swipes do not carry over from semester to semester. These balances do not carry into a different school year and accounts are non-transferable. You may add money to the account balances at any time.


Complete payment of all charges (tuition, fees, housing, etc.) is due by the first day of class for the fall and spring semesters. Summer term charges are due by the first day of the summer session.  Resident students must be paid in full or have a payment plan established before move-in.

It is strongly recommended that you make plans to ensure that you can make this financial commitment before signing your future housing contract. Do not complete a housing contract if you aren't sure what your financial situation will be in Fall.

Inquiries regarding the relationship between housing costs and student's financial aid package can be answered by the Office of Financial Aid.


For residents in a roommate group, the roommate group leader will log into the housing portal and select the group's building and room on their assigned housing selection date. Students who are in a roommate group will secure housing by signing the housing agreement after the roommate group leader assigns each student a space.

Everyone in the group needs to communicate with one another as the roommate group leader will be the only one assigning each person's room.


Move-In information will be communicated to all resident students during the summer term.
If you have any additional questions concerning the 2024-2025 Housing Selection process, please contact the Office of Residence Life at

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