Reapplication For Housing

Current residents within the Lewis Residence Halls are given first priority to select their housing for the next academic year. Room reapplication for current residents begins immediately after Spring Break during second semester. Lewis has been able to implement an online reapplication process which allows residents to reserve their rooms from anywhere using the online links from our website.

The benefits and opportunities from the online room reapplication process offers convenient, easy to use, and enhanced vacancy viewing options. By having an online room reapplication process, resident students don’t have to wait in long lines and are able to complete the process on their own time within their busy schedules.

current student housing app

The Room Reapplication Process takes over 4 weeks to complete. Residents are given tools to support their success in the reapplication process. A room reapplication brochure provides step by step directions on how to complete the reapplication process smoothly.

Reminder flyers, postings, and emails to students' accounts are sent to residents reminding them of important dates for this process. Keep a look out around the beginning of February for more information.