Break Request Form

Residence Hall Closings
  • Residence halls are closed for all academic break periods.
  • Residents may request to stay during breaks by registering with the Office of Residence Life. Requests must be submitted online utilizing the form below and adhering to the deadlines.
  • Break housing requests are reviewed and approved or denied within 1-2 business days of submission.
  • Approved students will receive an "Approved Request Email Response" in his/her student Lewis University email account. If you have not received an approval email, you are not permitted to stay during the break.
Break Charges
  • There is a $25 per week charge for Winter and Spring break. Other approved break housing is at no cost.
  • There is a $25 late fee for any break housing requests made after the final deadline.
  • All fees (break fee & late fee) will be billed to the students business account.

The Office of Residence Life, located in North Hall, is open 8:30am to 5pm Monday through Friday or can be contacted at with any questions regarding break online housing sign up.

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Break Housing Terms and Conditions
I understand that remaining on campus over this academic break is a privilege. I am aware of Lewis University's Behavioral Standards and Policies, Residence Hall Rights and Responsibilities, and understand that any violation of University policy during break periods will result in my immediate removal from campus and may result in a referral to the judicial process.

  • I understand that during the break dates there is a 24 quiet hour policy in effect.
  • I understand that during the break dates there are no guests allowed in the residence halls.
I acknowledge that I have read and am familiar with the policies outlined in the Student Handbook, located online here ( Additionally a hard copy of the Student Handbook may be obtained, upon request, from the Office of Student Services.

*  I agree to and understand the terms as expressed above.