Our services are available to ALL students. Whether you live on campus or commute, attend full-time or part-time, are an undergrad or grad student, we are here for you! It is FREE to see the nurse practitioner for minor illness or injuries - we do not bill insurance for services. We offer testing for strep throat and urinary tract infections at no cost and we can provide common over the counter medications for free. We also offer limited STI screening, orders for antibody titer testing, and TB testing for a nominal charge. Contact the Center to schedule an appointment or for more information about health services.

Counseling Services are also FREE (appointments with one of our mental health counselors). Please call the Center at 815-836-5455 or complete the online meeting request form.


The staff is a multi-disciplinary treatment team of health and mental health professionals. Nurse practitioners, counselors and administrators are dedicated to serving our campus community. The Center also employs student workers to assist with clerical duties. Student workers have limited access to patient information. All staff members sign a confidentiality agreement upon employment.

Hours of Operation

Health and Counseling Services during Fall and Spring Semesters
Monday - Friday
8:30 am - 4:30 pm

Please contact the Center for Summer and Break Hours.

Our Mission

The Center for Health and Counseling Services is a multipurpose department that strives to empower Lewis University students to maintain and enhance their physical and emotional health and well-being.


The Center for Health and Counseling Services is in the lower level of Mother Teresa at the south end of campus (enter at North Entrance). The Center for Health and Counseling Services can be reached at (815) 836-5455.

Health Services Fax: (815) 836-5567
Counseling Services Fax: (815) 836-5344


The Center strongly believes in maintaining the trust of our students. Staff members remain committed to professional ethical standards, and abide by state and federal laws regarding confidentiality. In order to ensure the best care for a student, the professional staff of the Center, working as a treatment team, may consult with one another on cases.

Typical limits to confidentiality include cases where there appears to be a potential threat to self or others, cases involving child abuse, cases in which there is a signed judge’s subpoena requesting information, cases involving clinical consultation or supervision, and cases of public health matters when reports on contagion are required. Students desiring that information be released to other parties (including parents) must sign a Release of Information Form at the Center.