Scope of Services

If you have any questions regarding Counseling Services or would like to schedule an appointment, please call (815) 836-5455.

Support from Counseling Services are offered to Lewis University students without charge or utilization of private health insurance.

Services include initial intake, individual counseling, group counseling and crisis services.  Counselors utilize a strengths-based approach and wellness model.  Counselors also provide consultation to students, family members of students, faculty, and staff. Services are voluntary and frequency and length of treatment is a collaborative process between students and their counselor. Students request a referral for community resources, or counselors may determine a connection with clinical and community services may be most appropriate based on presenting needs or concerns.

Counselors also provide education through presentations and workshops for students, student groups and clubs, faculty and staff.  Requests can be made by completing a Program Request Form.

Outside Scope of Services

1. Documentation Requests:

Counseling Services does not write letters of verification for the following:

  • Learning disability
  • Disability due to a mental health diagnosis
  • Verification of the need for an emotional support animal or comfort animal

Counseling Services provides brief, short-term counseling. It is outside the scope of The Center’s services to offer the rigorous assessment, diagnostic interviewing, and counseling that is required in order to provide this documentation. Staff are able to support students in identifying community resources who may be able to provide assistance.

2. Mandated Counseling:

Counseling Services does not provide mandated or court-ordered counseling.

If a university official refers a student to Counseling Services, a counselor will assess needs, provide consult and make clinical recommendations as indicated. Students can also be referred for an alcohol or cannabis use assessment, education and feedback sessions.  It is always a student’s voluntary choice to receive services through the Center for Health and Counseling.