Philosophy, Goals, Procedures & Rules

The philosophy and key to the success of the club sports program at Lewis University is the emphasis placed on student leadership and participation. Close to 20 clubs provide a learning experience for the members through their involvement in every aspect of the organization and administration of the clubs.

The Club Sport program supports the overall mission of the University by providing educational, recreational and social programs for the undergraduate student population. Club Sports play a large part in the co-curricular experience which complements the academic experience. Therefore, the University reserves the right to make decisions regarding geographic locations and quality of competition to insure that the Club Sport experience is consistent with this philosophy.

Club sport participants value good sportsmanship, diligence, determination and teamwork in their various levels of competition. The Club Sport program is committed to academic excellence, institutional integrity and service to the community.


  • Provide educational and leadership opportunities for students at Lewis University.
  • Provide additional recreational opportunities for the Lewis Community.
  • Offer students the opportunity to participate, compete, socialize and develop sport specific skills.
  • Increase student satisfaction and play an integral role in the recruitment and retention of students.
  • Support the overall mission of Lewis University.
  • Support the institutional Enrollment Management plan and University Advancement plan.
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