Individual Participant Responsibilities

Each individual club sport participant should recognize that he/she is responsible for his/her own person, and the well being of the group he/she is a part. Each club participant should share with the other participants the responsibility of safety and agree to follow safe procedures, and to avoid unnecessary and hazardous situations. Each club sport participant accepts responsibility for the outcome of the situations resulting when his/her actions are beyond the generally accepted practices for safety in the activity. The club will be held responsible for the actions of the individuals as well. Likewise, each club participant accepts responsibility for the actions that are outside the bounds of public law.

  1. Participation in the club sport program at Lewis University is limited to current students only. Current students are defined as currently registered and tuition/student fees paid for a minimum of three (3) credit hours at Lewis University.
  2. Individual participants are responsible for carrying some form of health insurance, as well as for their own medical care and do not have access to University athletic trainers. Club participants are responsible for discussing any known physical problems that may limit participation in this program with their family doctor.
  3. Transportation for all events needs to be in accordance with the University's travel policy. Driving of individual cars must be approved by the Vice President of Student Services.
  4. All participants should wear proper dress and appropriate protective equipment.
  5. The injured party is responsible for all financial obligations incurred in any treatment necessitated by an injury.
  6. Students are responsible for reporting all injuries to their coach and the Director of Student Recreation, Fitness and Wellness. An injury report must be completed and turned in to Campus Recreation.
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