ESports at Lewis University

Esports Lounge

ESports Lounge

The Lewis University esports lounge provides an exciting setting for students interested in the ever-popular and emerging field of esports. The lounge offers two rooms, each with 12 IBUYPOWER Gaming PCs stations. The two rooms are separated so that competing teams can’t hear each other while practicing.

The esports lounge has a dedicated high-speed internet connection used only for the purpose of esports. The lounge also contains screens on the walls for casual viewers, in addition to gaming consoles for recreational play.

Casual and Competitive Gaming

Located in DeLaSalle Hall, our esports lounge is the place to game casually or competitively on campus. Our competitive teams practice and compete in our lounge, and students gather together to play informally. Lewis University is a Tespa chapter with active status at the rare tier.

ESports Lounge

Competition includes tournaments for multiple games for Tespa, Collegiate StarLeague, College League of Legends, GG Leagues, College Rainbow Six, Collegiate Rocket League, and more.

Lewis won the Division B in the GG Leagues “League of Legends” contest on November 2019.

For competitive teams, Lewis University assembles as many teams as student interest allows and tries to place teams in similar skill level tournaments if possible. Student placement on teams is decided by in-game rank at first... tryouts or coach discretion may be necessary.

There are regular club events for casual gaming.

Esports Club

The Lewis University esports club was formed in 2015. Regular club meetings are held for casual gaming meetings. The club hosts competitive teams in tournaments WITH scholarships and prize money

Contact Us: Kyle Downar-Clark – or

Joins us on discord:

Games Played:

  • League of Legends
  • Overwatch
  • Hearthstone
  • Rocket League
  • Rainbow 6 Siege
  • and more...
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