Summer 2022 residential full immersion program

This part of the STARTALK program will begins on June 20th, 2022 and ends on July 16th
For 4 weeks, Startalk participants will reside on Lewis University Campus in students’ dormitories.

The main feature of the summer program is No English Contract.

No English Contract

On the first day of the STARTALK program you will sign No English Contract.

“In signing this contract, I agree to use ________as my only language of communication while attending Lewis University 4-week residential STARTALK program. I understand that failure to adhere to the contract may result in my expulsion”

No English Contract ensures students’ full immersion into the target language at all times (24/7) for the duration of the 4-week STARTALK program on Lewis University campus.

This means that once you sign the contract you should make every effort to remain in language of study. Speaking English in a classroom, with your classmates, roommates in the residence hall, instructors, and TA’s must be avoided at all times and is a violation of the No English Contract:

Students violating the Contract will be given a verbal warning.  Subsequent violations will result in the following disciplinary action(s):

  1. Written warning.  
  2. Probation.  Notification to the home institution and parents/guardians occurs in cases of probation.  Probationary status is effective for a designated period of time, at the discretion of the director.  
  3. Dismissal from program.  Parents or guardians and the student’s home institution are informed when students are dismissed.
Exceptions to the No English Contract

You are not expected to speak in the target language when you are faced with an emergency, when communicating with a member of the University administration, when speaking with a healthcare professional, and on those occasions when it is absolutely necessary to use English. You are allowed to make phone calls to family and friends back home, write English emails, and speak English to the staff. We do ask, however, that all English-speaking take place, if at all possible, out of earshot of other Startalk students.

Survival tips

We suggest, however, that you do not think of the contract as another regulation or an obstacle. In fact, the contract is your best support in acquiring fluency in the target language. You should know that teachers and staffs for the program understand your difficulties but want to assure you once the habit is established communicating in the target language will become absolutely natural. The goal of your pre-campus course in spring 2022 is to help you to prepare for the immersion.

What to expect

Classroom Learning

After breakfast, you’ll spend three hours in classroom settings, followed by one-hour lunch at the University Student Center with your professors and peers. After lunch you will return to your classroom for additional 2 academic hours.

Co-curricular Activities

In the afternoons, you put your newly learned language skills to work, participating in co curricular activities ranging from cooking, calligraphy, and yoga to music, soccer, and hiking. All students are expected to participate in the activities of their language section.

Lectures and Cultural Events

During the evenings after dinner with classmates and faculty, you might attend a lecture by a visiting scholar or commentator, watch a film, or participate in a cultural celebration relevant to your language and culture of study. Weekends are also times to engage in performances, dances, and other special programming.

A Typical 24/7 Immersion Day
Time Activity
8am Breakfast with your school, faculty, their families, and guests
9am-11am Classes
Noon Lunch with your school
1pm-3pm Classes
3pm-6pm Co-curricular activities
6pm Dinner with your language section
Evening Homework and tutoring
Weekends Cultural events and celebrations, dances, and special programs