How it Works

How STARTALK program works: three-pronged instructional approach

Dates Where Program Element
February - May, 2022 Online Pre-camp program
June 20th - July 16th Lewis University campus 4-week full immersion residential summer camp
September 2022- May 2023 Online Post-camp language maintenance program

Summer 2022 full-immersion residence camp: June 20th -July 16th

The center-piece of STARTALK program is summer full immersion language camp located on the Lewis University campus in Romeoville, Illinois. The main benefit of the summer camp program is your promise to speak only the language you’re studying for the duration of the program.

Students arrive on the campus on Sunday, June 19th, 2022 and move in the dormitories. On the first day of classes, in the afternoon, students sign No English Contract:

“In signing the No English Contract, I agree to use ___________ as my only language of communication while attending the Lewis University Startalk Program. I understand that failure to comply with this contract may result in my expulsion.”

Once you sign No English Contract, you will communicate only in the language of study throughout the program, resulting in the rapid acquisition of linguistic and cultural fluency. Speaking English in language classes, with your classmates, GA’s, instructors and roommates is a direct violation of the Contract and must be avoided at all times. You will speak and live in your chosen language and culture from morning to night in an engaging environment that will constantly reinforce your new language skills.

We suggest that you think of the pledge, not as another regulation you will fear to violate but rather as your best ally in your studies.

Exceptions to the No English Contract

Students are not expected to speak in their language of study when they are faced with an emergency, when calling or writing to your family, when conversing with a member of the university administration or campus staff, when speaking with a healthcare professional, and on those occasions when it is absolutely necessary to use English or another language.

Pre-camp spring 2022 program

We realize how hard it might seem to fully immerse yourself in the target language.  Therefore, in order to help students adapt to the intensive environment at the summer camp and be better prepared for the No English Contract, all students accepted to the program will take a spring semester online course. During this course you will learn the language that will help you to survive in the first days of the campus. Participation in the pre-campus program is mandatory for all students. Dates and times will be announced in January 2022.

This part of the STARTALK program will begins on June 20th 2022 and ends on July 16th, 2022.

Post-camp academic online maintenance program 

On completing your summer program, you will enroll in 2022-2023 online maintenance program to be held online in autumn and spring semester of 2022-2023 academic year. Participation in the post-campus program is mandatory for all students.


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