Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I apply? When is the deadline for application?
    The online application is accepted at  by Dec 31, 2021.

  2. Do you offer scholarships? What costs are included?
    We offer full scholarships to each selected participant to cover tuition, room and board, course materials, field trips, and co-curricular activities.

  3. What costs are not included?
    Participants are responsible for expenses on transportation to and from the campsite (Lewis University) and any additional personal expenses.

  4. May I send you my unofficial transcript?
    No. You need to contact your registrar’s office for them to send your official transcript to us.

  5. Do I need to write an essay to apply to the StarTalk program?
    No. Just fill out the online application and send in your official transcript.

  6. Do I have to participate in the pre- and post-language courses?
    Yes. These courses are to prepare the participant for the immersion experience and then maintain what they have learned afterward. There is no additional cost for these courses. Only students who participate in all pre-and post courses in addition to the summer immersion program will be awarded a certificate of completion.

  7. Am I accepted into the program once I submitted my online application and official transcript?
    No. Determination of the participant’s acceptance will be decided in mid January 2022.

  8. What is involved in the pre-language course?
    One hour of online class once a week, beginning in February 2022. You may choose either a morning or an evening session according to what is convenient for you. Both sessions cover the same materials.

  9. How many students will you accept for each language?
    14 students will be in each language class.

  10. Will I get any free time during the 4-week immersion program in the summer?
    Yes, each weekend you will get a block of free time (from half day to one whole day) to take care of your personal business when you are not bound by the No-English contract.

  11. How will I know that I am accepted into the program?
    You will receive an email around mid-January letting you know that you are accepted into the program or accepted but on the waitlist. You must respond back to the email, confirming that you will participate in the program or not.

  12. Are there situations where I am not bound by the No-English contract?
    Yes. During your block of free time on weekends and when you need to communicate any medical emergencies, university staff members who do not speak your target language, and your family members. More detail regarding “No English Contract” during the summer residential program can be found on our website.