STARTALK Program - Application

Application for Admission for High School and Lewis University Students

1. *First name:

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3. *What is your current GPA:

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5. *What grade student are you? (for High School students): 
Rising 10th grader
Rising 11th grader
Rising 12th grader

6. *What language level would you like to study at? 
Level 1
Level 2

7. What foreign language(s) did you study, for how many years/months?




8. *What is your native language?

9. *What language is spoken at home?

10. Please write an essay (in less than 300 words) about why you want to study language at our STARTALK program?

11. *How did you hear about our StarTalk program? 
School visit by one of our staff members
From friends
From website




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Please download the Transcript Release Form and arrange for mailing the official transcript, no later than May 1, 2017, directly to:

Professor Lifeng Hu
MC 006 (Unit 1203)
Foreign Language Program 
Lewis University 
One University Parkway 
Romeoville, IL 60446

Important! Check your email for notification of acceptance between May 10-15. Your timely confirmation is required to register once you are selected. Lack of action will result in forfeiture of spot. If you don’t receive any email from us by May 16, it means you are not selected. We only email students who are selected.

Please note, we do NOT accept unofficial transcripts and your application will not be considered without an official transcript.