Becoming a Moderator

Top 10 Reasons to become a student organization Moderator
10. Keeps you young!
Stay in touch with students outside the classroom

9. Keeps you smart!
Share your knowledge or expertise in a special interest area with students who have similar interests!!

8. Nurture future leaders!
Contribute to development of students and further civic, industrial, and business leaders.

7. Become worldlier!
Work with and assist a wide variety of students who posses vast cultural, ethnic, and experimental backgrounds you may otherwise never meet.

6. You’ll be cool!
Simply because you will be a mentor and role model for students.

5. Contribute to the greater good.
Assist groups in community service, service learning and intertwining students into the community.

4. Leave something better behind.
Provide support and guidance to a student organization by propelling the next group forward.

3. Facilitate communication and the need to connect with the University.
This contributes to the overall educational mission of the university.

2. Foster imagination!
College students’ love taking an idea and running with it. The possibilities of fund raising, hosting lectures, bringing in musicians, going to leadership conferences ARE ENDLESS.

1. Because our students need you!

Role of a Moderator

The role of a Moderator is to provide guidance and direction, clarify policies and procedures, and facilitates growth and leadership within the student organization. Ultimately a Moderator helps the organization achieve its goals while challenging it to grow. The most successful organizations are those in which the Moderator takes an active interest in the groups’ development. The Moderator assumes an educational function as well – one of guidance rather than leadership.

Moderators must be willing to:
  1. Hold the organization and its members to the standards as outlined in the Student Handbook and this Student Organization Manual by explaining and clarifying campus policies and procedures that apply to the organization.

  2. Assume a mentoring role with the members of the organization including, but not limited to providing guidance, direction and advice; and encouraging development, leadership and goal setting.

  3. Sign a Moderator Agreement form annually.

  4. Maintain an awareness and/or assist in the planning of activities and programs sponsored by the student organization.

  5. Meet on a regular basis with leaders of the student organization to discuss upcoming meetings, long range plans, goals and problems of the organization as well as attend meetings and executive board meeting as often as schedule allows.

  6. Assist in the orientation and training of new officers.

  7. Maintain contact with SORC.

  8. Provide direction in the area of parliamentary procedure, meeting facilitation, group building, goal setting and program planning.

  9. Assist the organizations treasurer in monitoring expenditures, fundraising activities and anything to do with maintaining monies in the business office.

  10. Assist the organizations secretary in keeping records including meeting minutes, files and other important information.

  11. Inform organization members of any violations of University behavioral standards which constitute unacceptable behavior on their part.

  12. Assist the organization in filling out necessary paperwork and handing them in by the appropriate deadlines.