Student Activities

The Office of Student Activities is committed to providing and supporting co-curricular and extra-curricular programs and events that entertain, challenge, and promote the exchange of ideas.

At Lewis University, our staff helps extend the learning experiences of the classroom through student involvement with campus programming, service learning, special events, volunteer opportunities, campus employment and various leadership opportunities. Co-curricular activities are available to complement our strong academic tradition in order to give students a well-rounded college experience. Both are keys to collegiate success and together, represent and uphold the integrity of our Catholic and Lasallian heritage which is inherent in our University Mission.

As you make your mark at Lewis University, please know that we are here to help you! We are excited that you have chosen to get involved outside the classroom by being a part of an organization! Your predecessors, the legions of student leaders before you, have set quite a precedent. They've enriched the campus, enhanced learning, and enabled students to reach their potential. Following in their footsteps, we're eager to see what creativity and energy you'll bring to the campus.

We are committed to developing Lewis students in mind, body and spirit as you discover the thrills of being a part of something bigger than yourself in the form of membership in student organizations and the opportunities they offer. We provide advice and support in a variety of areas related to help you and your organization operate successfully.

Characteristics of Mission Oriented Student Activities

All student clubs, organizations and councils are to uphold the integrity of the Lewis University Mission Statement in the following ways:

  • Offer educational programs that deepen the knowledge and understanding about issues.

  • Offer programs and activities that provide a healthy and conflict-free environment.

  • Offer programs that support and develop student leadership opportunities.

  • Offer service projects that advance the well-being of the community and members of the clubs and organizations.

  • Offer social events that encourage the development of the Lewis community

Student Activities Calendar