Academic Services for Student-Athletes

The responsibilities of the Academic Advisor – Athletics Specialist include tracking the progress toward degree for all student-athletes, maintaining academic progress reports and serving as an academic advocate for all student-athletes. This role also serves as the academic advisor to student-athletes who are undecided in their choice of major.

Important Information for Current Student-Athletes

The following are some important facts about NCAA academic eligibility.  Know them and be aware of how they relate to you.

  • IMPORTANT!!!  You must always be enrolled in at least 12 credit hours that count toward graduation, per semester.  If you drop below 12 hours, you are immediately ineligible – the FAR and Compliance Director check daily to ensure all student-athletes are enrolled full-time.  Always communicate with your coach and the Academic Advisor for Student-Athletes if you are thinking about dropping a class.
  • To be eligible at any point, you must pass a minimum of 6 credit hours each semester.  Additionally, you must pass 24 credit hours in the 2 previous semesters.  If you are in jeopardy of not passing these minimums, see the Academic Advisor for Student-Athletes immediately.
  • As you enter the fall of your junior year (5th semester), you must declare a major and be making progress toward that degree plan.
  • At any point in your college career, you must be making progress toward your declared degree.  The Academic Advisor for Student-Athletes will verify that you are making this progress based on class selection and grades.  If the Academic Advisor contacts you regarding your class schedule, it is very important to make any changes required – it will ensure you maintain eligibility.
  • There are GPA requirements you must meet in order to remain eligible.  They are:
    • 24 semester hours earned: 1.80 GPA
    • 48 semester hours earned: 1.90 GPA
    • 72 semester hours earned: 2.00 GPA

If you have any questions in regard to your academic situation, talk to your departmental academic advisor or the Academic Advisor for Student-Athletes right away.

(815) 836-5992
Benilde Hall, 175 (inside CASE)

Important Information for Prospective Student-Athletes

If you are interested in becoming a student-athlete at Lewis University, please be sure to register with the NCAA Eligibility Center using their online registration process - NCAA Eligibility Center.

If you are interested in learning more about how student-athletes are monitored for academic success, ask your coach or admission counselor to schedule an appointment for you to visit with the Academic Advisor for Student-Athletes.  You may also contact (815) 836-5992 for more information.