Bridge to Success Program

A Bridge to Success

Lewis University’s Success program provides opportunities for academic success to students who need assistance in meeting the admission requirements of the University. The program accomplishes this by providing on-going mentoring and academic support services to students during their first year at Lewis.

Goals of the Success Program
  • Provide a strong and supportive environment
  • Support retention, academic success, and graduation
  • Connect learning experiences with improved learning strategies
  • Guide students through:
    • Peer mentoring
    • Academic advising, registration and career orientation
    • Tutoring and online remediation
    • Learning Strategies Workshops
    • Regular contact with the Success Program Coordinator
    • Ongoing follow-up with professional staff and faculty
Why the Program is a Success

The Success Program exemplifies Lewis University’s Catholic and Lasallian Mission by making a college education accessible to deserving students of all academic backgrounds. Personal, one-on-one attention, a hallmark of a Lewis education, serves as a key component of the program. The University community is committed to helping students in the Success Program achieve their goals. Professional staff and faculty mentors provide students with a solid foundation for continued academic success. The Bridge Program, offered during the summer, is an academic program focused on students’ strengths and potential for growth, through an integrated curricula based in growth-oriented process, practices, skills, and strategies.

What is the Bridge Program?

The Bridge Program offers participants a rich, multi-faceted, and integrated experience designed to build on students’ strengths and potential as they make the transition to university life. The program includes a two-week residential experience, an introduction to a variety of campus services, resources, and community members, and an engaging academic program taught by Lewis instructors.

The academic program in particular invites students to use reading, writing, and other reflective practices specifically designed to help students cultivate authentic purpose, meaning, and decision-making for their college studies, career aims, and life-long learning. The academic program combines, then, extensive practice in academic skills, processes, and strategies, with a content focus of studying and living with more intention and awareness.

Overall, the Bridge Program is designed to:

  • Offer students a sense of belonging, connection, and campus community¬†
  • Enhance students’ academic skills, practices, and approaches to reading, writing, reflection, and research
  • Engage students in the behaviors and habits of mind practiced by authentically- motivated college students
  • Strengthen students’ confidence as they make the transition from high school to college
  • Help students cultivate a greater sense of purpose and meaning for both now and throughout their lives.

The Success and Bridge Programs are supported through Academic Services, a department within the Center for Academic Success & Enrichment (CASE), located on the 3rd floor of the Learning Resource Center.

Accepted Students

Have you received an acceptance letter from the Lewis University Office of Admissions? Are you ready to enroll? If so, please read the information on the Accepted Students page.

Additional Information

For additional information, please contact Melissa Eichelberger, Student Success Coordinator, at (815) 836-5583 or via e-mail at