Welcome Parents and Families!

At Lewis University’s Career Services Center, we are committed to helping all students and alumni research, prepare for, and pursue careers in accordance with their development on a personal and professional level.
Below are some of the services we provide to your students:

Career Planning Services

  • Career Exploration and Choosing a Major: Students should meet with a counselor
  • Academic Advising (selecting classes): Students should meet with a counselor or advisor every semester to plan their class schedule
  • Useful Career Websites

Employment Planning Services for Your Students


  • Four Year 4-Stage Career Development Guide.
  • Professional Job and Internship Fairs
  • Students May Contact Career Services for an Appointment: Email to request an appointment with a career counselor, or resume reviews, job/internship search and interview practice
  • A Parents’ Guide to Career Development  from the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE)
  • Schedule of Upcoming Workshops Open to all Students and Alumni: Under development.

How Can YOU Support Your Child’s Career Development?

  • Listen to your student and help them identify their talents, strengths, and passions so they can identify the degree field or major that would be best for them
  • Encourage them to visit Career Services and meet with a career counselor. Counselors use intentional interviewing techniques to help students verbalize their interests and values.
  • Emphasize the importance of internships and leadership roles in student organizations to develop skills employers want. Attaining career-related experience should be balanced with academic studies and grades.
  • Promote volunteering, part-time jobs, and job shadowing
  • Ask them which classes they like and why
  • DO NOT apply to positions for them. This is a very important part of personal development that promotes self-study and reflection and is a skill that matures over time.
  • Encourage your student to attend career fairs (or any networking event). This is the time for your young adult to learn to communicate professionally and speak for themselves.
  • Career Services will help reduce and alleviate student fears and any intimidating factors through practice interviews and preparation workshops. Encourage your students to participate in the workshops and career networking events to prepare them for their professional job search.

How Can You Help Support Other Lewis University Students?

  • Allow students to job shadow you or visit your work site to learn about careers in your place of business
  • Encourage your company to post internships and/or jobs
  • Volunteer through the Alumni Association with practice interviews
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