Students Connect with Alumni

I. Video collection by industry

Watch alumni talk about their careers, what they majored in at Lewis, and career readiness advice for you.

II. Short-term paid projects

Alumni want to help you get the experience you need. They are offering short-term projects, that are paid, only for current Lewis students. New projects will be added as they are submitted.


ReMax, Glenn Sharp, Residential and Commercial Broker
(Marketing, Sales, Social and Behavioral Sciences)

Short-term Project Description:

  1. Project Title: Marketing Support

  2. Project description:
    • help with updating CRM
    • client follow up after the sale program
    • Social media posting
    • Filling and handling of Real Estate transaction paperwork
  3. Office location:
    • 850 Brookforest Ave, Shorewood IL
    • Hours: 10 to 15 hours per week/ very flexible on times
    • Base pay $10 to $12 per hour
    • Position time frame: Open
  4. Application: Contact alum Glen Sharp,, 708.912.0937,


Innovation Group, North America
Human Resources, Business, Professional Communications, Social Media.) 

Short-term Project Description:

  1. Project Title: Talent Acquisition project 

  2. Project description  

  3. Provide description/project narrative: Aid in preparing the organization for high volume growth through vigorous talent marketing, sourcing, review, selection and effective on-boarding of qualified candidates. 

  4. Outcomes or expected results: Successful execution of talent acquisition strategy and on boarding of new personnel to meet department objectives. 

  5. Format to present outcomes: Spreadsheet of talent metrics (weekly sourcing, time to hire, cost of vacancy, etc.)  

  6. Skills needed: Human resources, Business, Professional Communications, Social Media. 

  7. Time frame to complete: End of year possibly extended based on business needs 

  8. Resources to be provided by student and employer: IG to provide laptop and software programs.  Student to provide onsite (Schaumburg) and remote work per COVID-19 rotating office schedule.  Student must have internet access when working remote. 

  9. Compensation: $12

  10. Apply directly:  or email: 

Submitted by:   
Jeremy Leitzen
CFO, Innovation Group NA
Lewis University graduate class of '02

III. Career curiosity questions

Do you feel confused, overwhelmed, or underprepared for applying to jobs? Ask an alum. They have graciously offered to give you advice on jobs, applications, goal setting, or just to clarify or affirm what you are considering. Contact for emails to ask alumni about their careers!


First Name Industry
Harold Aviation
Katelynn Education 
Kaelen Education - University
Nycole Education - University
Julia Education K-12
Sita Education K-12
Leonard Education University
Melissa Finance - University
Kayla Healthcare - Nursing
Katherine Healthcare - Nursing
Brittni HR/Org Leadership
Jereme IT/CompSci
Chester Manufacturing
Kathleen Marketing
Justin Physical Sciences/Electrical Engineering
Andrew Sales
John Transportation


Use Career Services to set up a recorded video interview practice in your field. Then, send your recording to an alumni expert to review the video and make suggestions to improve your interview skills. Remember, the resume gets you an interview, but the interview gets you the job!

Start HERE:

  1. Set up your interview account at and use 0767 for the registration code.

  2. Select the library to see questions by industry.

  3. Record your answers to questions that you would like to have reviewed. Click on tips to see what the interviewer is looking for.

  4. Contact for alumni emails to review your recording.

  5. See the list below of alumni who have volunteered to review recorded interview videos!

First Name Industry
Charles Business Systems/Analysis/Data
Samantha Business Systems/Analysis/Data
Charles CSJ/Legal
Katelynn Education 
Noemi Education - University
Karen Education - University
Azuzzi Education - University
Randy Education - University
Julia Education K-12
Joni Education K-12
Timothy Education K-12
Paul Education K-12
Maryann Education K-12
Sonya Education K-12
Susan Education K-12
Laricia Education K-12
Leonard Education University
Carolyn Education University
Anthony Finance
Nikki Finance - Planning/Rep
Melissa Finance - University
Meaghan Graphic Design
Rachel Healthcare
Lorraine Healthcare 
Jennifer Healthcare - Leadership
Katrina Healthcare - Leadership
Hetal Healthcare - Leadership
Katherine Healthcare - Nursing
Desiree Healthcare - Nursing
Buffy HR
John HR
Ashley HR
Lisa HR
Holli HR
Paula HR
Karen HR
Andrew HR
Jacqueline HR
Michael Insurance
Paul Insurance
Eric IT/CompSci
Ja-Quel IT/CompSci
Chance IT/CompSci
Michael IT/CompSci
Scott IT/CompSci
Alexis IT/CompSci
Craig IT/CompSci - Social Media
Chester Manufacturing
Enrique Marketing
Susan Physical Sciences/Chemistry
Lizbeth Physical Sciences/Chemistry
Andrew Sales
Diana Sales
Timothy Sport Mgmt
Jennifer Sport Mgmt
Nicholas Transportation
Mark Transportation/Sales