2022 Sessions

Peace Teach-In

This year’s teach-in sessions will focus on dismantling racism and building bridges through revolutionary love across religious, cultural and other forms of human distinction. Recognizing that one major contributor to human, ideological, religious and political division is the presently elusive search for truth, we will strive to illuminate where truth actually lies and to stand in that truth so as to discern the path toward greater justice for all persons.

Registration is NOT required EXCEPT for the Annual Gros Memorial Event on Thursday, October 20: See No Stranger: Revolutioniary Love as the Call of our Time .

All meeting times listed are Central Daylight Time (CT).


All events in the D’Arcy Great Room unless otherwise indicated. Arts & Ideas applies to all these events.

10-10:50AM Media Literacy, the Best Defense Against Propaganda and Misinformation Part 1 / Kelly Plass
In this session, participants will learn how misinformation plays a part in global politics and undermines peace, followed by a visual literacy activity.

11-11:50AM Media Literacy, the Best Defense Against Propaganda and Misinformation Part 2 / Kelly Plass
In this follow-up session from Part 1, participants will learn resources and skills to help identify misinformation and propaganda in the news through an activity to practice the skills learned.

12-12:50PM Discerning Facts and Confronting Misinformation / Dr. Joe Kozminski, Iyad Rock, Dr. Sue Sheffer
Data are everywhere, and we continue to generate an estimated 2.5 trillion megabytes of data per day
. These data can be useful for many purposes. However, data can also be misinterpreted and misused, whether unintentionally or nefariously. In this session, an interdisciplinary panel will discuss how data are collected, analyzed, and interpreted in business, the sciences, and the social sciences to discern facts and how data can be misued.

1-1:50PM How to Improve Representation by Writing for Wikipedia / Kristin Callahan
Learn how Wikipedia shapes research and how you can engage with the platform to highlight the achievements of overlooked individuals from underrepresented groups.

2-2:50PM Using Mindfulness to Embody Peace, Compassion, and Self-Acceptance / Dr. Jen Consilio
This session will focus on learning about and using mindfulness to shift out of tough moments, experience presence, anchor peace in the body, and tap more into what is possible in ourselves. We will also learn and experience practices for compassion for self and others.

3:30–5PM Exploring Community Organizing / Amy Lawless from DuPage United
Building relationships, networking and finding common cause are key components to take effective action for justice. Amy Lawless of DuPage United will share her experiences with organizing through the Industrial Areas Foundation and the ways that she and others have built shared power to act on issues of importance to people in various communities and circumstances.

6-7:30PM Balancing on the Tightrope: “Core” Skill Building for White People Engaging in Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging Work / Megan Renner & Kayla DeCanti
This interactive workshop will offer story-telling, small group discussions, and journaling prompts to facilitate an ongoing practice of skills both to diagnose “what goes wrong” in efforts to engage other white people in diversity, inclusion and belonging work, and to transform these dynamics in future interactions. White people
must regularly exercise certain “core muscles” to effectively balance on the “tightrope”--holding each other accountable while also holding on to each other’s humanity. Participants will build skills to identify and process their emotional responses to these missteps, create internal and external modes of accountability, and navigate
how to “get back on the rope” when they fall off. Note: Participants of all identities are welcome to attend this presentation, although this content and these tools have specifically been developed for white participants.


All events in the D’Arcy Great Room unless otherwise indicated. Arts & Ideas applies to all these events.

9:30-10:45AM The Truth is Out There / Dr. David Anderson
Today’s social media and sites like Twitter and Facebook have made it easy to very quickly disseminate false and misleading information. In addition, mainstream journalism media have abandoned objective journalism in favor of political advocacy. This presentation will discuss how students can develop their media literacy skills to better navigate this new environment and find the truth.

11-12:15AM Stories of Second Chances / Prof. Huma Zia & Dr. Christie Billups
Participants will practice deep listening to journeys of individuals who are returning to the community after being incarcerated. People in the process of re-entry to the community and society face complexity and many daunting challenges. We will listen to their stories in order to start building bridges of welcome with our returning citizens so that they can thrive and contribute to our communities and society.

12:30-1:45PM The Migrant Experience: A Refugee Simulation / Dr. Jennifer Tello Buntin
During this session, participants will simulate the experiences of a refugee family and their journey in search of a safe community. This simulation is based on materials developed by Catholic Relief Services in order to encourage understanding of the lived experiences of refugees around the world.

3-5PM Breathe, Let Go & Aim for Justice / Drs. Mary Fisher, Christy Roberts, and Ana Roncero-Bellido
At Lewis Archery Club Range in the green space just east and south of Cody Hall
Participants will engage in the ancient art of archery as they discuss ways to explore one or all of the guidelines for revolutionary love as articulated by Valarie Kaur in her book, See No Stranger. Valarie talks about the art of ‘giving birth’ to fresh ideas, to justice. To do so, we must “Breathe” and “Push” as we embody our hunger for
justice together.

7-8:30PM 5th ANNUAL GROS MEMORIAL EVENT (Registration required)

Borromeo Convocation Hall

The 5th Annual Gros Memorial Event features Valarie Kaur, civil rights leader, lawyer, award-winning filmmaker, educator, founder of the Revolutionary Love Project, and bestselling author of See No Stranger: A Memoir and Manifesto of Revolutionary Love. She will join us in Borromeo’s Convocation Hall to share story and invite us into her work of growing community and endeavoring together to embody justice through revolutionary love. Valarie’s debut book was released in 2020 and expands on her “blockbuster” TED Talk. We encourage you to bring a book with you for the Signing/Reception. https://valariekaur.com/.