Lewis University College of Education and Social Sciences is honored to offer the Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship.  This is an exciting program that helps to prepare future high school STEM teachers.  If you are majoring in Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, or Physics and would like to work with the next generation of science, technology and/or engineering students, this scholarship may be for you.

Why consider becoming a Noyce Teaching Scholar:

  1. Adolescents are extremely curious and impressionable.  Working with high school students offers you an opportunity to pique their curiosity and encourage tomorrow’s generation of learners to pursue a career in a STEM field.
  2. Occupations in STEM-related careers are some of the fastest growing and have great potential for job growth.
    • STEM teachers are in high demand and most STEM teacher candidates receive multiple offers from public and private schools.
    • Building a solid STEM foundation through rich and rigorous curricula is the best way to ensure that students are exposed to math, science, and technology in their education.
  3. The greatest number of job opportunities exists in high need schools. 
  4. As a Noyce Teaching Scholar you will receive opportunities not available to other teaching education candidates, including:
    • Attend workshops designed to broaden your understanding in your content and in your teaching practices; 
    • Participating in a summer research program designed to strengthen your content knowledge and incorporate research into your teaching
    • Conduct and present research with fellow scholars as well as STEM and education faculty at local, state and national conference; 
    • Receive post licensure support for your first two years of teaching. 
  5. Financial support
    • At the completion of their program, Noyce scholars will have earned a bachelor’s degree in their STEM field and in education or a Master’s degree in Secondary Education with a teaching endorsement in a STEM field;
    • Each scholar is eligible for up to $12,000 per year for up to two years in tuition scholarship;
    • Individuals also receive an additional $3000 in stipends;
    • Candidates’ research is supported with funds to attend local, state and national conferences;
    • Post-graduation mentorship program at no cost to the scholar.


The Noyce Scholarship at Lewis University is focused on preparing talented math and science majors and recent baccalaureate recipients to become highly qualified math and science teachers at the middle or high school level.

Applications are considered twice a year, for priority fall semester consideration, please apply by March 30 and by October 30 for spring consideration. 

For more information, please contact a member of the Noyce Leadership Team.

Biology   Ms. Jeannette Pifer PiferJe@lewisu.edu
Chemistry  Dr. Teresa Bixby bixbyte@lewisu.edu
Secondary Education Dr. Sarah Brown sbrown29@lewisu.edu
Mathematics  Dr. Marie Meyer mmeyer2@lewisu.edu
Physics    Dr. Joe Kozminski KozminJo@lewisu.edu

Noyce Scholars include both undergraduates and graduates who have recently completed an undergraduate degree in math or science. 

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