Dr. Mustafa Publishes Chapter in Book on the Queer Gothic

Dr. Mustafa Publishes Chapter in Book on the Queer Gothic

Published: October 22, 2023.

A chapter by Dr. Jamil Mustafa, professor of English Studies, has been published in Queer Gothic: An Edinburgh Companion (Edinburgh University Press, 2023).

His chapter demonstrates how a Gothic imaginative mode involving law, medicine, and fiction elucidates the construction of queerness in the Labouchère Amendment, Psychopathia Sexualis, and Gothic works by Robert Louis Stevenson, Arthur Machen, and Bram Stoker. Dr. Mustafa contends that the case, essential in both law and medicine, is also crucial to how these late Victorian Gothic fictions at once align with and diverge from medico-legal representations of queer identity.

Books in the Edinburgh Companions to the Gothic series are written and edited by leading scholars, and they make cutting-edge contributions to the field of Gothic studies.

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