Education and Social Sciences Faculty Share Expertise

Education and Social Sciences Faculty Share Expertise With Community

Published: December 19, 2022.

Dr. Katherine Helm, professor of psychology and director of the graduate program, presented "Counseling Diverse Couples:  Where are the models for interracial, LGBTQIA+, and couples of color" at the Illinois Counseling Association on November 11.

Tennille Allen, chair and professor of sociology, was a presenter on the "Louisiana: Looking All Along for a Friend: Black Utopias, Blackness, and Black Sociality" panel at the annual meeting of the American Studies Association, November 2-6 in New Orleans.

Dr. Jung Kim, professor of literacy, presented on three different panels at the National Council for Teachers of English conference on November 16-20. Also, she is on the executive committee/board for two affiliated conferences (the Adolescent Literature Assembly of NCTE; English Language Arts Teacher Educators) that met during the NCTE conference.

The panel presentations were

  • "Dragon ladies, model minorities, and quiet girls: Asian American girlhood representation and resistance in children's and young adult fiction"
  • "Seeing ourselves: Asian American graphic novels and comics"
  • "YA authors shine light on critical content as they speak out and speak back"

Dr. Hyeseong Lee, assistant professor of elementary education, participated in two panel discussions at the 69th Annual Convention of the National Association for Gifted Children in Indianapolis, Ind. The discussions were "Examining the Foundations of Gifted Education" and "Achieving equity in gifted education: A follow-up discussion to the 2022 GCQ special issue". 

Assistant Professor of Psychology Dr. Kami Tsai’s paper titled, “The Effects of University Communication on Student Resilience and Engagement during the COVID-19 Pandemic,” was published in the Proceedings Book for the 2022 International Conference on Humanities, Social, and Educational Sciences.

Dr. Lili Burciaga, assistant professor of psychology, co-presented "Healing Communities: Responding to Traumatic Stress after a Critical Incident" at the Illinois Counseling Association on November 12. Her co-presenter was Audrey Grunst, owner of Simply Bee Counseling and director of the community crisis team for the Highland Park Fourth of July shooting. 

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