'Woodrow Wilson and the Great War' is on the Move Again

'Woodrow Wilson and the Great War' is on the Move Again

Published: November 4, 2019.

"Woodrow Wilson and the Great War" is going to be displayed Oct. 14 - Nov. 15 at the History Center of Lake Forest- Lake Bluff. Dr. Dennis H. Cremin, history professor and department chair, gave two presentations on WWI on Oct. 24 at the History Center of Lake Forest- Lake Bluff. 

Cremin explored the Great War and some of its legacies. Cremin said, “The war set so many events in motion. For example, it contributed to the fall of tsarist Russia and the rise of a communist state. Closer to home, it also advanced the cause of women’s suffrage, the advancement of the temperance movement, and the perceived military power of the country.”

"Woodrow Wilson and the Great War" was co-curated by Kole Torres, Lewis University graduate student, Lance Tawzer of Naper Settlement, and Cremin. Several history students also contributed to the creation of this exhibit through editing and research. The Give Back Foundation provided financial support for the exhibit and programs.

Last year, people marked the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I. The “Woodrow Wilson and the Great War” exhibit examines the “Great War,” which was fought from 1914-1918, and the presidency of Woodrow Wilson. The exhibit uses multiple perspectives and raises new questions about the “war to end all wars.” The traveling “pop up” exhibit incorporates some period objects, including a military jacket and gas mask.

In the summer and fall of 2018, it made stops at Naper Settlement, Lewis University, Gaylord Building Historic Site, Woodrow Wilson House, and the Historical Society of Princeton. 

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