Historic Books Provide Experiential Learning for Students

Historic Books Provide Experiential Learning for Lewis University Students

Published: July 16, 2018.

(Left to right) Skyler Wurst, Charlie Wright
and Bridget Bermingham.

ďI canít believe Iím holding a book thatís older than the United States,Ē exclaimed Charlie Wright, Lewis University student. Other students in Dr. Dennis Creminís Early Modern European class also felt excited to handle such delicate artifacts in the Howard and Lois Adelmann Regional History Collection at Lewis University. They visited the collection to handle the books and conduct online research on some of the texts.

This experiential learning provided students the ability to become historians and conduct research on books written during important moments of history such as the Enlightenment, the American Revolution, and the French Revolution.

John Lamb, professor emeritus, donated these rare books to the collection in summer 2017. Lamb founded the Canal and Regional History Special Collection in the 1980s at Lewis University (presently known as the Howard and Lois Adelmann Regional History Collection). The books are an exciting addition to the collection, ranging from the 1700Ė1900s. The books deal primarily with historical and religious topics.

Dr. Dennis Cremin, Director of the History Center, stated, "Lamb dedicated his life to teaching at Lewis University. His legacy will live on through the collection and his donations. Just as he touched the hearts of students in the classroom, these books will continue to influence students.Ē

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