Student Awarded Internship through Lockport Woman’s Club

Lewis University Student Awarded Internship through Lockport Woman’s Club

Published: February 5, 2018.

Melissa Fregea

Lewis University student Melissa Fregeau of Westmont was selected as the ninth Lockport Woman’s Club/Pat Darin Internship.

Fregeau, a history major, will help design an online exhibit to celebrate the Illinois Bicentennial. The senior will also assist in processing materials into the collection and transcription of oral interviews while earning course credit for her internship.

“I am looking forward to working in the Howard and Lois Adelmann Regional History Collection and getting hands-on experience in several areas of public history,” she said.

Dennis H. Cremin, director of the Lewis University History Center and professor of history, commented, “I am so proud of our partnership with the Lockport Woman’s Club. The organization is well known for giving scholarships, but this paid internship is transformative for our students.”

Fregeau is looking to pursue a career in either public history or education. “I have a passion for history and I would like to share that passion with others. Some people say that history is boring. I do not think it is history itself that is boring, but the manner in which it may be presented. I would like to find a way to remedy that through teaching or creating captivating exhibits for the public,” commented Fregeau.

The Lewis University History degree program provides more than just names and dates. History is the entirety of human civilization - past, present and future. History degree students at Lewis University study historically significant events, ideas, persons and civilizations. They prepare to analyze modern-day economic, social and political happenings with deeper clarity and wisdom. Graduates of the program are game-changers with an intelligent interdisciplinary background in their belief and the research and communication skills necessary to make a difference.

Lewis University is an innovative and entrepreneurial Catholic university offering market-relevant undergraduate and graduate programs to 6,500 students. Sponsored by the De La Salle Christian Brothers, Lewis University is nationally recognized for preparing intellectually engaged, ethically grounded, globally connected and socially responsible graduates. Visit for further information.

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