Plan Summary

With a storied history of capitalizing on existing resources for the betterment of the university, this plan follows suit by doubling down on the core of campus enacting a singular defined central campus where academic excellence is supported through physical infrastructure. Centralizing the physical campus around the core of the academic experience supported by the departments, recreational activities rooted and LaSallian values, a singular campus community emerges. The emergency of this community is further supported with an increase in student spaces crafted throughout campus to allow further engagement and curiosity outside of the classroom.

With a singular connected campus, a focus on the student emerges allowing for resident, commuter and graduate students alike to connect amongst themselves or with faculty as they move about the campus unimpeded from vehicular movements which are now aligned to the edges of campus. The collective campus as represented now is fundamentally guided by a series of guiding principles that will lay the ground work for ensuring each investment made moving forward is in respect to the ideas of the Lewis University of the future.


Master Plan
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