In its 89-year history, Lewis University has evolved from a technical school for boys to a dynamic, coeducational, Catholic university -- providing liberal arts and professional ducation to a diverse population of 6,500+ students in Romeoville, Illinois along with two remote locations in Oak Brook, Illinois and Albuquerque, New Mexico. This master plan establishes a framework vision for the future of the Romeoville campus which is flexible enough to meet continued changing needs over time.

The institution’s last master plan was adopted in 2013. Since that time, enrollment projections, physical spaces across campus and the university’s vision for the future have changed. In 2019, Lewis University sent out a Request for Proposal seeking a comprehensive space analysis of its Romeoville campus facilities as a driver for an updated master plan process. With a call to validate and refresh department space inventory, the design team worked with representatives from each college and division to obtain valuable information regarding space needs. This analysis formed the basis for a new master plan. The team also engaged with a group assisting the university with simultaneous strategic planning.

The intent of this plan is to provide futurefocused, reality-based parameters which respect the history and values of Lewis University while
providing guidance for future decision-making for both the near- and long-term.