A decade of steadily increasing enrollment, 35 percent since 2004, has led the University to create a plan for future growth on the main campus in Romeoville. The plan is meant to guide current and future decisions for needed buildings, open spaces, pedestrian connections, and infrastructure and the relation to their surroundings and the campus at large. The master plan responds to the projected enrollment growth of 2.5 percent annually.

Science Center

By 2021, it is anticipated that the student population will require about 2.2 million sq. ft. of space related to academic, residential, student life, athletics, and recreational uses; 675,000 sq. ft. more than currently exists.

The plan is guided by the following principles:

  • The University should present its Mission physically as a learning community
  • It should visibly convey its distinguished character, history and values
  • The environment should be welcoming and personally enriching
  • It should promote sustainable, ecological, and physiological wellbeing.

Robert DeRose, Senior Vice President/Chief Financial Officer and Co-chair of the Planning Taskforce said, “This plan is a living document that will serve as a roadmap as we move into the future. It is very intricately tied to the University’s strategic plan for growth and to the future capital campaign. It provides a comprehensive strategy for us, as well as helps to prioritize.”