John M. Lamb Collection

The John M. Lamb Collection (This file is very large: 63MB)

Pages i-xxii Introductory Pages
Pages 1-8 "Seek to Preserve Historic Waterway"
Pages 9-10 "Lockport, Home of the First Steel Plow"
Pages 11-17 "Ill. & Mich. Canal Annual Commissioner’s Reports, 1825-1916"
Pages 18-20 "Illinois-Michigan Canal Restoration Under Way"
Pages 21-29 "Early Days on the Illinois & Michigan Canal"
Pages 30-34 "The Great Canal Scrip Fraud"
Pages 35-41 "The Illinois and Michigan Canal and Other Illinois Inland Waterways"
Pages 42-43 "Valley Greatest Influence on area"
Pages 44-46 "John Lane and the First Steel Plow"
Pages 47-49 "Many 'firsts' Occurred in 1830s"
Pages 50-51 "Lockport Viewed by 1840s Visitor"
Pages 52-53 "Lack of funds dashes 1840s hopes"
Pages 54-55 "Ill Wind Blew Down Early Canal"
Pages 56-57 "Around the Tree – Circa 1860"
Pages 58-59 "Homer, Lockport Always Close"
Pages 60-61 "Lockport as Financial Center"
Pages 62-64 " 'Drunken, Dirty' Irish Build Canal"
Pages 65-66 "I & M Boatyard Saw Heavy Use"
Pages 67-68 " 'Culture' Came to Lockport in 1850"
Pages 69-70 "1850s Town Had Many Businesses"
Pages 71-84 "Canal Boats on the Illinois and Michigan Canal"
Page 85 "Lockport's Old Central Grade School Building"
Page 86 "The Kankakee Navigation"
Pages 87-95 "Kankakee and Iroquois River Improvement"
Pages 96-104 "The 'City of Pekin' Story"
Pages 105-113 "The Politics of Transportation"
Pages 114-126 "I&M Canal Locks"
Pages 127-130 "Illinois and Michigan Canal"
Pages 131-143 "William Gooding, Chief Engineer, Iamp;M Canal"
Pages 144-155 "The Chicago and Kankakee Portages: A Comparison, 1673-1848"
Pages 156-158 "The Illinois Waterway: It's 310 Year History"
Pages 159-161 "Waterway Observes Its 50th Anniversary"
Pages 162-168 "The Illinois and Michigan Canal and Town Development in Northern Illinois"
Pages 169-173 "People in Public Works"
Pages 174-179 "Decoys and Decoy Carvers"
Pages 180-188 "Landscape, Townscape and Canalscape on the Iamp;M Canal Corridor"
Page 189 "Main Street Along the Illinois and Michigan Canal"
Pages 190-217 "Seeing the Land"
Pages 218-229 "Traveling by Water Across Illinois from the 17th Century to the 20th Century"
Pages 230-242 "The Architecture of Punishment: Jeremy Bentham, Michael Foucalt and the Construction of Stateville Penitentiary, Illinois"
Pages 243-248 "The Canals of Northern Illinois and Their Impact on Settelement and Economic Development"
Pages 249-253 "Canal Boats on the Illinois and Michigan Canal"
Page 254 "A Trip on the Raging Canal in 1848"
Pages 255-266 "Chicago: The Hydraulic City and Its Enviornmental Impact"
Page 267 "News and Historical Notes from Mainstreet Lockport"
Pages 268-274 "Joliet Limestone: The Rise and Fall of a Nineteenth Century Building Material and Its Architectural Impact on the Joliet, Illinois Area"
Pages 275-276 "Historic Preservation in the Lockport, Illinois Commercial Downtown"
Pages 277-284 "Tracing History: Maps of the Illinois River Since 1673"
Pages 285-288 "Architecture of the Grain Trade on the Illinois and Michigan Canal"