Past Events

Interfaith Forum: Healing Generations of Faith-Based Anti-Blackness

A panel of Lasallian educators from various faith perspectives will share their stories, experiences, and insights about our collective moral and spiritual responsibilities to dismantle and heal from the legacy of racism in our families, campus communities, worship communities, and nation.  Following brief presentations from our panelists, participants will have the opportunity to dialogue with each other and intentionally engage the forum’s theme. This forum theme is inspired by the new book by one of our panelists, Dr. Maureen O’Connell, entitled Undoing the Knots: Five Generations of American Catholic Anti-Blackness (Beacon Press; available January 2022). Sponsored by the Lasallian Consortium for Interfaith Dialogue & Diversity in Higher Education.

This event was held on March 24, 2022. The next Interfaith Forum will take place during the spring 2023 semester.

Interrupting Violence: Restorative Justice as Prevention & Healing

This year's annual educational event focused on restorative justice (RJ) will be led by two people involved in facilitating restorative practices in parish and school settings in Chicago. We will continue to explore ways that RJ in schools, communities, places of worship, and other settings can interrupt the patterns of violence that pervade our society and seek alternative responses that have the potential to heal the harm that’s been done to community members.

This event is co-sponsored by the Diocese of Joliet Restorative Justice Committee and the Gros Institute for Dialogue, Justice and Social Action of Lewis University.

This event occurred on March 30, 2022.