Instructional Design - Process

Online Course Proposal Overview

Online Course development is a collaborative effort between developers (instructors), administrators, and the Faculty Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning. Therefore, Administrators, Department Chairs and Program Directors are encouraged to work with instructors in determining the most appropriate courses to be placed online, establishing learning/program outcomes and communicating specific assessments that might be required. It is recommended to use the instructional design services of the Faculty Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning for developing/revising blended and/or online courses.

If remuneration for course development or revision is being requested, please use the following procedure before beginning course development. Note that proposals need to be submitted 20 weeks prior to the course start date.

  • Discuss new online course development or revision of a current online or blended course with your Department Chair and/or Program Director. Note that Dean approval is needed before submitting the proposal.
  • Read and submit the New Online Course Proposal Form. Note that only Deans, Department Chairs or Program Directors are permitted to submit proposal forms.
  • The Assistant Provost will review your request and respond within 15 days of submission.
  • When the proposal has been approved, the developer listed on the proposal will be sent a contract. It is expected that the developer will sign the contract within 5 business days, which will mark the beginning of the 15 week course design process.

Overview of the 15 Week Course Design Process

(for a more detailed review of the process please review "Schedule for Developing an Online Course")

  • A meeting (F2F or virtual) with the assigned instructional designer happens within 2 weeks of contract signing.
  • The Course Design Guide is completed by developer including learning outcomes & assessments.
  • A master syllabus is developed and attached to the course shell.
  • Content is placed into the Blackboard course shell using either the Lewis University template or a design based on Lewis University’s Quality Assurance Standards.
  • Note: Courses will need to be approved by your Director/Chair, Dean (if required) and Assistant Provost before being taught.
  • After all approvals, remuneration is made to the developer by the business office.

With student centeredness driving this process, it will ensure that online course development/revisions are done in a timely manner and designed with best practices set forth by the Office of the Provost while maximizing available resources.

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