Vocation, Purpose, and Meaning

Vocation, Purpose and Meaning

A walk through the doors of The Encounter is a metaphor for the Mission-inspired transformation that we hope a student experiences during their time at Lewis University. The Lewis experience is an opportunity for students to search for meaning and purpose in their lives.

Our understanding of vocation, or a sense of meaning and purpose, is influenced and inspired by the story of Saint John Baptist De La Salle, the Patron Saint of Educators; the example that is set by the Christian Brothers, who live out their own respective vocations among us; the gifts of the University’s Catholic and Lasallian values; and the dynamic intersection of our liberal arts curriculum and professional preparation – all a vital part of every student’s learning experience.   

Vocation: An Understanding

A vocation represents a response to a unique type of invitation: an invitation to be and to do. The word vocation, which comes from the Latin vocare (to call or summon), refers to a continuous response to a powerful call. We hear this invitation through our faith, through our relationships, or through an activity we find especially fulfilling. Our response to this call can become woven into our life in such a way that it may define what we do and who we become. We use our gifts, talents, energy, and resources to respond to that call.

All Are Called 
All people can experience a call. Some feel the call to religious life, such as the De La Salle Christian Brothers. But the invitation “to be and to do” – to feel called to a particular purpose or profession in life – can be experienced in many different ways. Some feel called to be a parent, to volunteer, to coach, or to express themselves through hobbies. Others find their purpose in their professional responsibilities, such as being a teacher, a police officer, an accountant, a pilot, a scientist, or an artist. Still others may seek to respond to their call through all that they do and who they are.

Grounded in the Mission
The Lewis University Community is aware of and grateful for the diversity of beliefs held by our students, faculty, and staff.  As a Catholic university, Lewis focuses special attention on the God of Jesus Christ, who it regards as the source of and partner in our calling.  As a Lasallian ministry, all are invited to consider how teaching, service and the promotion of justice may be integrated into what they do and who they are.  

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