1. In the event of a fire, smoke or an explosion, stay calm and activate the nearest fire alarm pull station.
  2. Call police at extension 5911, (815) 836-5911 or 911.
  3. Follow posted room/building evacuation routes and account for all occupants of the room. Do not use elevators.
  4. If trapped in a room, close as many doors as possible between you and the fire. Place cloth material around and under the door to stop smoke from coming in. Signal from windows and call to advise police of your location.
  5. Provide assistance to individuals with disabilities in relocating to specified refuge areas and notify police of these individuals and their location.
  6. If you must pass through smoky area, stay low and breathe shallowly using cloth or fabric as a filter.
  7. Before opening any door, check first to see if it is hot to the touch. If the door feels hot, do not open it!
  8. Never re-enter the building once you have evacuated it until instructed to do so by emergency personnel.
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