Program Goals

  1. Explore and discuss the life and times of Saint John Baptist De La Salle, his educational philosophy, his spirituality, and the historical context in which De La Salle lived and in which the Christian Brothers were founded.
  2. Understand De La Salle’s methodology of teacher formation and classroom pedagogy.
  3. Understand today’s Lasallian network of schools and how the 334-year-old Lasallian educational mission is being lived out in these schools around the world.
  4. Learn about life as a Christian Brother as well as the role of lay partners in this “shared mission” of education; understand what it means to have a vocation or calling.
  5. Explore ways in which participants can bring various aspects of our Catholic and Lasallian mission and tradition into their own work or teaching.
  6. Introduce participants to primary Lasallian resources, materials, and related scholarship.
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