Student Rights and Responsibilities

Office of Dean of Students

Students arrive on campus with varying backgrounds and experiences. During their years at Lewis, students develop lasting relationships as they face the academic and social challenges of life. Personal growth and development, a sense of personal responsibility, respect for the individual and the rights of others, and an appreciation for Catholic and Lasallian values are all essential prerequisites for a student’s successful advancement toward his or her educational goals at Lewis University.

As a faith-based University, Lewis is a community of many persons whose cooperation and mutual relationships constitute a daily educational process. All members of a community share rights and duties, each according to his or her own role. Rights are balanced by responsibilities. The University has established certain conditions which it has determined are essential for the achievement of its educational mission.

The University reserves the right to sanction inappropriate behavior on the part of any student, organization, club or group whose conduct is detrimental to this mission. Conduct incompatible with the University community, which is therefore disruptive of our educational environment, shall be subject to disciplinary action and/or action taken by the local authorities. The University has established policies for behavior which ensure that a healthy environment for living and learning exists. Students are responsible for the policies defined in the Student Handbook as well as all behavioral standards in other documents governing student life.

Irresponsible, disrespectful, unsafe and destructive behavior has a ripple effect within the University community and, therefore, it is essential that each individual’s rights and privileges are protected. Violating the following codes disrupts the University. Sanctions in response to violations of the codes outlined below depend on both the kind of behavior and the severity of the breach in policy. All persons in the presence of any violation of the behavioral code will be documented and are subject to disciplinary action.

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