Support & Resources for Homeless Students HOUSE (IL Public Act 102-0083)

Housing and Opportunities Useful for Students' Excellence (HOUSE)

HOUSE Program

At Lewis University, we strive to provide comprehensive services and resources to ensure a successful educational experience for all our students.  We understand some students may be experiencing homelessness, and we are here to help.  Our institution and the State of Illinois are committed to supporting students in need by connecting them to available resources on and off campus.  In addition, we are dedicated to removing barriers hindering their college retention and success.

Illinois has passed Public Act 102-0083, which mandates that Illinois colleges and universities appoint liaisons referred to as the Housing and Opportunities that are Useful for Students' Excellence (HOUSE) program to provide support and resources to homeless students.  In addition, institutions with on-campus housing must prioritize the placement of homeless students, even during school breaks, if on-campus housing remains open.  At Lewis University, we are committed to meeting these requirements and ensuring our students can access the resources they need to succeed.

Lewis University seeks to provide services and resources to ensure a holistic, successful educational experience for our students. Here you will find information and resources for our students who may be experiencing homelessness. Lewis University and the State of Illinois support students by connecting them to available resources on and off campus and removing barriers to college retention and success.


On Campus

Off Campus


Dr. DeSean E. Coleman

Homelessness Liaison
Assistant Dean of Student Services & Title IX Coordinator

Learning Resource Center, LR G-28B
(815) 836-5597

Janeen Decharinte

Director of Financial Aid
(815) 836-5263

Thomas Burgess

Director of Residence Life & Student Conduct
(815) 836-5125

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