Advisor Role

Office of Dean of Students

A student asked me to be their advisor in a conduct hearing.  What does that mean?

At conduct board hearings, students have the right to have an advisor accompany them.  The role of the advisor is to provide assistance and support to the student, not advocacy.  Advisors often serve as a sounding board and give moral support to the student.  Also, should a student decide to appeal the decision of the board, advisors may assist in the preparation of an appeal.

Who may serve as an advisor?

Except in cases of sexual misconduct in which advisors are regulated by law, only current members of the Lewis Faculty, Staff, or Student community may serve as an advisor.  Parents, other family members, and attorneys are typically not permitted to serve as advisors or attend conduct hearings.

Are there any special qualifications to be an advisor?

No, students may ask any current Faculty, Staff or Student to serve as their advisor.  It is recommended that advisors review the behavioral code and conduct process procedures found in the Student Handbook.

If a student asks me to be their advisor, am I compelled to participate?

No, you may decline a request from a student to serve as their advisor.

Does the advisor make a statement to the board?

No, the advisor does not represent nor speak for the student.  Rather, students consult with their advisors typically during the breaks or quietly during board proceedings.

How much time does it take to be an advisor?

Typically, students will meet with their advisors ahead of time to discuss the details of the conduct case.  Students are invited to review the documents that will be presented ahead of the hearing.  Advisors may accompany students to this pre-hearing meeting.  In most cases, hearings last less than two or three hours.

What if I am unavailable at the time of a student’s hearing?

The board typically does not reschedule hearings due to conflicts with an advisor’s schedule.  Students may select another advisor if scheduling precludes their original advisor from serving.

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