Lewis University Student Academic Conference Support Program

A Grant Fund administered by Lewis University


To promote undergraduate and graduate research and support the academic development of Lewis University students by funding travel for presenting at disciplinary/research conferences.


  • Open to currently enrolled, degree-seeking, undergraduate and graduate students in good academic standing at Lewis University from any major or program.
  • Applicants must have received official notification that their project (e.g. paper, poster, artwork, etc.) has been accepted for presentation at a peer-reviewed conference. The official notification of acceptance (letter, email, etc.) must be attached.
  • Applicants must be seeking funding for a disciplinary professional conference, honors conference, general undergraduate research conference, or similar official annual meeting.
  • Program funding is limited each year and application decisions will be based on availability of funds.
  • The same project can be funded for presentation only one time (e.g., a paper accepted for presentation at an honors conference and at NCUR can only be supported once, although the student can, of course, self-fund a second conference).
  • Each student is eligible for a maximum of $350.00 in conference travel reimbursements from this fund in each academic year and may receive up to $1400 total during her/his studies at Lewis University. Students attending a conference that will cost more than $350.00 are expected to pay the remaining expenses on their own.
  • A student may be funded or partially-funded to present at more than one conference in an academic year, so long as the projects are not identical, funds are available, and the maximum benefit of $350 has not been reached.
  • Complete applications must be submitted by the dates determined by the Culture of Inquiry Review Panel.


  • Participants are representing Lewis publicly and should be mindful of their role as “ambassadors” of the University.
  • Applying for funding implies the student’s agreement to comply with all Lewis University student handbook /conduct guidelines (e.g., alcohol & drug use, etc.).
  • All applying students must complete the required waiver form (see FORMS) .
  • Students are expected to minimize the amount of missed class time when planning travel.
  • In most cases, students self-register and make their own travel arrangements. Multiple students attending the same conference are expected to coordinate itineraries.
  • Students are responsible for notifying and working with their instructors about any missed class time prior to any trip.
  • Students under the age of 18 must have a guardian give consent (letter/email) for participation.
  • Any trip must adhere to all aspects of the approved university travel policy.


  • The program funds the following expenses only:
    • Conference registration fee
    • Airfare or auto mileage (whichever is more economical/appropriate);
    • Lodging (no lodging is provided for Chicagoland area conferences);
    • Presentation costs (e.g. poster materials, overheads, etc.; $75 maximum).
  • Actual expense figures and receipts must be submitted for all reimbursable expenses (see Budget Form).
  • If a travel advance is needed, requests should be submitted at least 3 weeks prior to departure.
  • The level of funding available will be determined annually. Once those funds are awarded, no additional funding will be granted until the following year.


  • A completed application with original signatures
  • A detailed budget (see budget form)
  • A copy of the abstract submitted and accepted for the conference
  • A copy of the conference program or letter of acceptance from the session or event organizer, as soon as it is available
  • A letter of support from the student’s academic advisor/faculty mentor
  • If relevant, an approval letter from LRB or IRB


Mallory Havens
C/O Culture of Inquiry Coordinating Committee
Box 298
(815) 836-5982

Note: Scanned copies from the Faculty Advisor, Department/Chair or Dean of the College are preferred. Signatures from the above mentioned are required for the application to be considered complete.


  • Good Academic Standing:
    1. Fully-admitted, degree seeking, registered student in a Lewis University baccalaureate or graduate degree program
    2. In good academic standing in the University program
    3. Priority will be given to students with a 3.0 cum GPA or higher
    4. In good standing through Student Services
  • Permission of the academic program director/chair and of the college/school dean
  • Letter of support from the student’s academic advisor/faculty mentor
  • Student’s presentation(s)/exhibition(s) must be accepted and listed on the conference program.
  • Projects involving human subjects must be approved by the relevant Local Review Board or the Lewis University Institutional Review Board. Prior to the disbursement of award funds a letter from the Institutional Review Board (IRB) for the Protection of Human Research Participants confirming approval of the research must be submitted to the Office of the Graduate Dean.


  • The Culture of Inquiry Advisory Committee will review the applications and determine who will be funded.


  • Expenses will be reimbursed when original receipts are submitted including all travel and conference registration.
  • Contact your advisor or faculty mentor for more information about submitting receipts for reimbursement of awarded funds.
  • Funds must be used during the academic year awarded and prior to the student’s completion of the program in which enrolled at time of the award.
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