Refund Information Relating to Spring 2020

Lewis University is working in conjunction with many of our higher education partners to develop procedures to receive and process the funds from the recently passed Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act to assist students.  While the guidance is currently evolving, we are working to calculate applicable refunds to students in order to credit their accounts by the end of the semester.

Important items to note
  • Any pro-rated credit will be applied to the student account.  If a student has an outstanding balance for fall 2019 or spring 2020, the credit will be used first to reduce their outstanding balance. 

  • If a student received Lewis University aid to cover room or board costs, the institutional aid will be pro-rated and reduced accordingly. 

  • If a remaining credit exists, a refund will be processed via (1) direct deposit through, if the student has signed up for direct deposit, or (2) a check to be mailed. 

  • Students may select direct deposit or check for their refund.  We encourage students to sign up for direct deposit to expedite the processing of the refund and avoid prolonged mailing delays.

    • To establish or update your refund preferences, log on to and select the tab at the top entitled “Refund” to ensure your information is current.
Room and Board

University departments are reviewing student accounts to calculate credits for room and board on a pro-rated basis.    

Commuter Meal Plans

A credit will be applied to the student account for any remaining balance on the student’s commuter meal plan from spring 2020.

Parking Fees

The amount of credit a student is due is determined by when they ordered a permit/how much they paid, whether it was initial or additional permit and whether they graduated or not in December 2019.

Printing credits

The university provides $35 to each student to use for printing.  The student does not pay a fee for this allocation so no credit will be calculated for this initial allocation.  However, if a student added personal money to their printing allocation, any unused personal funds will be credited to the student account.

Tuition and Course Fees

Lewis University tuition and course fee refunds follow our normal policies and are the same for in-person or online instruction.  If a student is having issues with the current format for learning, please contact the instructor, department chair, or dean’s office.