Pass/Fail Option Information

March 24, 2020

Dear students,

This is a challenging time, and I’m grateful for your flexibility and patience.  The transition to fully online learning was unexpected, and you have shown resilience in the face of difficult and unprecedented circumstances.   By moving forward with online courses, you will be able to complete the Spring Semester, continue to make progress towards your academic goals, and keep yourselves and your community healthy.

While online learning can be just as engaging and enriching as learning in a traditional classroom, we understand that there will be challenges as we navigate the rest of the semester.  For these reasons, Lewis has adopted a temporary change to our grading policy, applicable only to the Spring 2020 semester:

  • All undergraduate and graduate students will be permitted to convert their courses to Pass/No Pass.
  • Grades of Pass (P) will count towards requirements in the major, minor, general education, and elective requirements.
  • Students may convert any or all of their courses to Pass/Fail.
  • You may convert from letter grades to Pass/Fail as long as you do so by May 19th, 2020, seven days after grades are posted at the end of the Spring Semester.
  • At the undergraduate level, grades of D- and above will convert to P.  On the graduate level, grades of C and above will convert to P.
  • Requests to convert to Pass/Fail grading will not be approved if a letter grade is required for prerequisites, program progression, licensure requirements, or outside accreditation.
  • The grade of Pass does not enter into the calculation of the grade point average.  The grade of Fail is included in the calculation of the grade point average.
  • Students requesting to take a course Pass/No Pass should consider:
    • Graduate schools may require that you have earned letter grades in particular major courses. 
    • P grades may not transfer to other universities.

To request to convert your grade in a course to Pass/Fail, submit this form to the dean of the college in which your major is housed.  Requests to convert to Pass/Fail grading are subject to approval.

Lewis is committed to your academic success.  Regardless of this temporary change to grading policy, I know that you will dedicate yourself to your courses and practice engaged and participatory learning.

Please know that Lewis has an academic support system for you, including the Center for Academic Success and Enrichment (CASE), Academic Services, the Library, Career Services, and the Writing Center.   Student Success Coordinators are available by phone, email, and video conference to assist you.  You can access information about academic support services through this link.

Dr. Christopher Sindt,