Finance & Payroll

Finance & Payroll Team Member Contact Information

During the social distancing period email is our preferred method of communication; we will be frequently checking our both email and voicemails throughout the day.  While all of our team will be working remotely we will continue to provide timely customer service to students, faculty and staff.

Below we have addressed specific areas that are affected by the remote environment.  Please feel free to reach out to any of our team members for additional assistance.  If the specific question is not within our expertise we will be able to direct your question to the appropriate department.

  • Timesheet submissions and approvals will continue to be completed through AsureForce iEmployee (

  • Timesheets for exempt employees will only need to be submitted for leave if the employee is unavailable to work for the entire day.

  • Timesheets for non-exempt (hourly) employees will continue to be submitted for all hours that the employee is scheduled to work. Submission is required to ensure that payment is issued for the applicable payroll.  Late submission can result in delayed issuance of payment. 

  • Timesheets are due in Payroll by end of day Monday on the week of payroll. Please make sure to give your supervisor enough time to complete the timesheet by end of day on the Monday of the week of payroll. 

  • Any payroll related changes for direct deposit, 403(b), or withholding changes should be emailed through the secure method.  Due to the high frequency of fraudulent requests, our Payroll Coordinator will call the phone number on file to confirm the request.
Direct Payments & Reimbursement Requests
  • Direct Payment and Reimbursement requests may be submitted via email to

  • If you do not have a scanner at home for receipts or invoices, we will accept phone photos or phone scans of documents along with the direct payment or reimbursement request forms.

  • Direct payment and reimbursement requests forms are located on the Finance tab on the MyLewis portal.
    • As a reminder direct payment forms only need to be filled out if a purchase order has not been issued for a purchase or item.  If a purchase order is assigned to an order and your department received the invoice; please email the invoice directly to referencing the purchase order number.
  •  We will not be requiring two signatures on the direct payment or reimbursement request forms.  Since the documents go through electronic approvals (except payroll related payments) supervisors can electronically approve direct payments or reimbursements through Banner.  If a direct payment request is related to payroll, we will send the document to the appropriate party via email to approve.  Email approval will be accepted for approval of payroll related requests.  If you have the ability to sign PDF documents through Adobe you may also electronically sign the form directly in the PDF document.
Accounts Payable Check Runs
  • Check runs are scheduled for Wednesday’s weekly; all check runs will be completed remotely.
  • Due to the social distancing mandate we will be mailing all checks; pick up will not be permitted at this time.
Orders or Invoices for COVID-19 Social Distancing Period
  • To assist with tracking specific expenditures associated with accommodating the social distancing period, we have created a new code for the activity code field in Banner - COVID.

  • When submitting a requisition for an item related to accommodating the social distancing period, insert your normal fund, org, account, and program code for the item; on the same line include the activity code COVID.  See Exhibit A for screenshot of a requisition with an activity code COVID. 

  • For direct payment or reimbursement requests that are due to the COVID-19 social distancing period; please indicate on the form that this was a COVID-19 related expenditure.  The Accounts Payable department will then code the expense with the COVID activity code accordingly.

Exhibit A