Supervisor FAQ (SUP)

What happens if my employee gets hurt at home while remote working?
At-home work area is considered to be an extension of an employee’s office work space. Injuries occurring in the work place during work hours are covered under Workers Compensation just as an injury would be if it occurred at the central work location. The remote worker should be instructed to notify you immediately. You should report a work injury to HR immediately.

As a manager or supervisor, can I make a temporary change to employees’ job assignments so that my department/unit can continue our primary (essential) functions during a communicable disease outbreak?
Yes, a manager and supervisor have the right to temporarily reassign employees to work outside their usual classifications/responsibilities to the extent they are qualified and can safely perform the work. This includes employees with the necessary skills that are needed to work outside their colleges/divisions. Depending on the circumstances, the University will notify these employees that they are designated as performing essential functions and when and where they must report to work.

Can I make a temporary change to an employees’ assigned shift and/or assigned work schedule during a communicable disease outbreak?
Yes. Upon appropriate business needs and circumstances, a supervisor may temporarily adjust employees’ work schedules to meet operational demands. This adjustment may be made on a case-by-case basis depending upon operational considerations. A supervisor should work closely with the employee to discuss any change to assigned shifts and/or work schedules.

Can a supervisor require an employee to report to work or remain at work during a public health emergency?
A supervisor retains the right to schedule work and assign duties to employees. If an employee is unable to report to work as scheduled due to illness or injury, the supervisor should follow the standard departmental procedure regarding medical documentation (STD/PTO, FMLA). Please consult with Human Resources should you require further clarification.

A healthy employee may ask to leave work early or stay home. The supervisor can determine if this request can be accommodated based on unit needs. If a staff member is directed to report to or remain at work, is otherwise safely able to do so, and refuses the directive of a supervisor, normal corrective action procedures should be followed as appropriate. These procedures may be implemented either immediately, or once the emergent situation has stabilized, and upon consultation with Human Resources.

Can I cancel an approved vacation time off request?
Yes, the supervisor may want to reconsider the approved vacation time off request based on operational needs.

An employee informed me that his/her child’s school/day care is closed due to an incident of COVID-19, and their child is not sick. The employee has no other child care arrangements. Can the employee bring their child to work?
Bringing a child to work under these circumstances is not recommended or advisable—and in many work areas it may be prohibited.  Paid or unpaid time off may be available if the employee must stay home. You should work with your employee to determine if work can be performed from home.

Does FMLA apply if an employee contracts COVID-19? Does FMLA apply if the spouse, child or parent contracts COVID-19, and the employee must stay home to care for them?
If the employee has met the eligibility criteria for FMLA (they have worked 12 months for the university and have worked 1,250 hours in the preceding 12 months) and have an FMLA-qualifying medical condition (which contracting COVID-19 may be qualify) or event, FMLA will apply.

My employee has traveled during approved time off?
Yes, there are no formal restrictions on personal travel.  The employee must be aware of restrictions that may occur from the government or othe

As a supervisor, can I modify the university’s leave policies?
No, the university’s policies regarding leaves are still in force and may only be modified by the President’s Leadership Team as the situation warrants.

Should my Graduate Assistant or student worker come to work?
Student health and safety is a top priority and this situation will be met with understanding.  Arrangements can be made for alternative work assignments and pay will continue for normally scheduled hours.