Face Coverings Policy at Lewis University


Beginning Monday, February 28, 2022, face coverings will be required only in classrooms, labs, and other locations (specifically identified with signage) where there is sustained contact in close quarters on the Romeoville and Oak Brook campuses.

Campus Map Masks

This policy enables Lewis to provide added protection to students and faculty in locations where attendance and participation is required, and it reduces the risk of exposure and quarantine if a positive case is connected to a classroom. As a result of wearing face coverings in the classrooms, we have not had to quarantine individuals potentially exposed in a classroom since Fall 2020.

As we move forward, our community should be a place where individuals feel comfortable wearing a face covering for any reason, and face coverings will continue to be available at many locations across campus. It is also encouraged to use short term masking in certain situations, such as if you have any symptoms of concern, after a close exposure, or after travel or other high-risk exposure activity.

We also recognize that there might be times in the future, especially if our community is experiencing high transmission rates, which we might need to require face coverings to be worn on the entire campus. Despite our desire for this pandemic to end, vigilance and flexibility are still essential as we experience various changes and waves of high case counts.