Graduation Tickets

Candidates for the upcoming graduation, who have met the ticket criteria below, can receive up to seven (7) guest tickets for their assigned ceremony.

Candidates who have met the eligibility as outline below, can now redeem tickets through the link sent to their Lewis Student Email or at Candidates should redeem their tickets by Monday, April 29.

Ceremony Tickets

Ticket Eligibility

  • Have a graduation status of "Clear Pending" or "Cleared for Graduation" on your Degree Works
  • No Business Office Holds on your student account. If you have a Business Office hold on your account this can prevent tickets from being released. If you resolve a Business Office hold you will need to email to be added to the ticket system. Please allow two (2) business days for your information to be added.

General Ticket Information

  • Guest tickets are required for the degree ceremony.
  • All of your guests, including infants and children, will need a ticket.
  • Candidates, who have met ticket eligibility requirements can receive seven guest tickets.
  • Candidates do not need a ticket for their assigned ceremony.
  • If multiple copies of an E-Ticket are made, the first guest to have it scanned will gain entry. Other copies of the same scanned ticket will be denied entry.
  • Candidates can choose to donate their unused tickets to other candidates, with the same assigned ceremony.

Additional Tickets: At this time, due to the large number of initial tickets being provided, we are unable to confirm if additional tickets will be available. Candidates can request to be added to the waitlist for additional tickets when they redeem their initial tickets. Submitting a request for additional tickets does not guarantee the request will be granted. If additional tickets are available and a candidate has met all eligibility criteria, the Office of the Registrar will contact you on Monday, April 29. We will only accept request for additional tickets submitted through the ticket system when students redeem their initial tickets. The deadline to submit request for additional tickets is 5p.m. (CST) on Monday, April 29.


May 2024 candidates who have met all degree requirement or are waiting only for Lewis University Spring semester grades to be posted, are eligible to participate in the degree ceremony. Those with unresolved academic issues may not be able to obtain tickets or participate in the degree ceremony.

A student graduates at the conclusion of the semester in which all degree requirements have been completed. If you anticipate that your requirements will not be completed by the end of this semester, withdraw your application ( and apply for a future semester graduation.

May Degree Candidates--This message is not to be misunderstood as a confirmation that degree requirements have been met and the candidate is entitled to graduate; this is solely an invitation to obtain guest tickets. Please continue to monitor your graduation status in your Degree Works page for updates regarding eligibility for graduation.

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