2022 Award Winners


1st Place

By Brigid Fornek
"Leap of Faith"

2nd Place

By Rachel Fosler
"A Dog Who Is Alive and Well"

3rd Place

By Jasmine Pryor
"The Creator"

Honorable Mentions


Title: Vitamin C: The Dark Horse of Potential Alzheimer’s Disease Therapeutics

Author: Emma Crnich
Mentor: Dr. Mallory Havens
Prize: $2,000


Grand Prize ($1,000 Cash Award, plus $3,000 Hub Space)
Hospital Booth System
Undergraduate Student Project
Author: Duyen Hai Doan
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Elizabeth Belgio

Social Impact Award ($250 Cash Award)
Medical Smart Toilets

Graduate Student Project
Author: Nzar Sharif 
Faculty Mentors: Dr. Raymond Klump and Dr. Elizabeth Kozak 

Graduate Student Award ($250 Cash Award)
Smart NFT Deed Contracts
Graduate Student Project
Author: Avinash Badaramoni
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Safwan Omari

Graduate Student Award ($250 Cash Award)
Graduate Student Project
Author: Majeed Khan


Grand Prize ($4,000 Cash Award, plus $3,000 Hub Space)
Automated Greenhouse
Undergraduate Student Project
Author: Kevin Swarts
Faculty Mentor: James Hoffman

Grand Prize ($3,000 Cash Award, plus $3,000 Hub Space)
Primepulse, LLC
Undergraduate Student Project
Author: Kenneth Burton
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jason Keleher

Grand Prize ($2,000 Cash Award, plus $3,000 Hub Space)
Available Sustainable
Undergraduate Student Project
Author: Alexis Perryman

Concurrent Session and Poster Winner Cash Prizes

First Place: $250

Second Place: $100

Third Place: $50

Schulze & Burch


Undergraduate: humanities, Health & Social Science

1st Place: Southwest Suburban Immigrant Project
Authors: Melissa Vicente, Christian Mietus, Morgan Jennings
Mentor: Dr. Jennifer Consilio

2nd Place: Keeping the Faith with Hagar
Author: Jazmyn Stewart
Mentor: Dr. Karen Trimble Allaume

3rd Place: Can Cognitive-Behavioral-Based Physical Therapy Help Athletes Return to Their Pre-Injury Level of Sport?
Author: Rachel Marsh
Mentor: Dr. Cathy Bohlin

undergraduate: math & Science

1st Place: CRISPR-Cas9 Therapy for HIV-1 Infections
Author: Krystian Brzek
Mentor: Dr. James Rago

2nd Place: Inhibition of Apoptotic Activity through the P53 Pathway with Hepatocellular Carcinoma Due to High Mobility Group A1 (HMGA1) Protein Expression
Author: Sabrina Kurian
Mentor: Dr. Jennifer Roberts

3rd Place: The Microbiome in Relation to Autism and Possible Treatments
Author: Maya Samardzija
Mentor: Dr. Jennifer Roberts


1st Place: What Do Graphics Interchange Format (GIFs) Add to the Picture? The Effectiveness of Response Elaboration Training for Nonfluent Aphasia
Authors: Danielle Haehn, Renae Heinze, Sarah Henry
Mentor: Dr. Ann Guernon

2nd Place: Analyzing the Impact of the Metaverse, Cryptocurrency, NFTs, and Blockchain Technology
Author: Richard Goluszka
Mentor: Dr. Rami Khasaweneh

3rd Place: Experiencing the Retail Industry in the Metaverse
Author: Hardi Patel
Mentor: Dr. Rami Khasaweneh


UNDERGRADUATE: Humanities, Health & Social Science

1st Place: Trauma Sensitive (After) Schools: An Analysis of Trauma-Sensitive Frameworks Within 21st Century After-School Settings
Author: Hannah Michalczak
Mentor: Dr. Emily Shayman

2nd Place: If You Can Be Anything, Be Kind: Investigating the Effects of Kindness on One’s Wellbeing
Author: Chelsea Reidies
Mentor: Dr. Philip Blankenship

3rd Place: Mental Health Resources in the Department of Corrections
Author: Danielle Cusumano
Mentor: Dr. Morris Jenkins


1st Place: Cyclin D3 and Conserved DNA Sequences in Transcriptionally Modified Genes
Author: Krystian Brzek
Mentor: Dr. Sarah Powers

2nd Place: Determining Indices of Refraction and Dispersion Curves for Various Liquids Using a Michelson Interferometer with Multiple Wavelengths
Author: Marissa Strelczyk
Mentor: Dr. Chuck Crowder

3rd Place: Low Cost Air Quality Sensors
Author: Andres Alvarez
Mentor: Dr. Joseph Kozminski


1st Place: Using Vestibular Input to Reduce Problematic Behaviors in School-Aged Children with Autism
Authors: Elizabeth Carignan, Natalie Bochenek, Zoe Monks
Mentor: Dr. Allison Richardson

2nd Place: Sensory Integration Therapy vs Cognitive Behavioral Therapy  for Individuals with ADHD in School
Authors: Steven Banas, James Lucia, Catherine Giuffre
Mentor: Dr. Allison Richardson

3rd Place: The Effectiveness of Spaced Retrieval Therapy on an Individual with Mild Cognitive Impairment: A Single-Subject Design
Authors: Chantelle Allen, Molly Binder, Daniya Ali, Adriana Berardi
Mentor: Dr. Ann Guernon